A Message From Spencer Walker’s Family

To all associated with Minsthorpe Community College.

We felt as a family we had to write to express how deeply touched we were by the support of the school, especially the friends of our wonderful Spencer. The love, caring and support the family has received has been truly overwhelming. When the devastating incident occurred, all the family descended in to a dark place, full of unbelievable grief and sadness from which there seemed no escape. But through the darkness shone a light. Which was the love and support shown by Spencer’s friends and the community.

It seems virtually in minutes of the awful accident occurring his friends were showing their love and support. Unfortunately our prayers for Spencer were unanswered and he left us all for another place. All Spencer’s family should be immensely proud of how they conducted themselves at this unbelievably sad time. Your school, community and families should all be proud of yourselves. The shrine created at Minsthorpe where Spencer fell takes our breath away. We have visited this place numerous times and the many tributes to Spencer have been stunning, every one of them.

Too much bad press is written about young people these days, but you all have shown there is far more good in this community than bad. You’re an inspiration to us. If anyone ever says negative things about you, refer them to this letter and they will be humbled, like this family has been. I hope you all have wonderful, fulfilled lives and achieve all you wish for, if your children are a mirror image of each one of you our community and the world will be a better place. We will never forget what the friends of Spencer and the community as a whole have done for us. Please keep a place in your hearts for Spencer.

We salute you all.

Spencer’s family.