Feature: A Visit To Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University

On Sunday the 2nd of November I decided to visit Sheffield Hallam University and further my knowledge of the university. Sheffield Hallam is located in the heart of Sheffield city centre, this means that you are able to properly "get to grips" with the city life. When I arrived at the University I immediately saw the Student Ambassadors that were helping out with the open day whom greeted me and seemed very friendly and helpful. They directed me to the place where you sign in and register for the day, here I grabbed a prospectus (which you are able to order online)

First impressions of the main reception are that it was extremely welcoming and a pleasure to walk around and explore. Once I had completed these tasks I then went on to explore the accommodation which, as a city university, was in the city. The accommodation which I looked at was called "Cluster 1" which was made up of 3 halls of residence. The first halls of residence, "Liberty Court", features en-suite rooms that works out around £97.50 a week, these halls are a quick 7 minutes’ walk from the reception of the university which means you can get up 15 minutes before your 9 o’clock lecture and still make it in time! The next accommodation was by far my favourite. Liberty Works, which is also around 7-10 minutes’ walk from the university, is actually a renovated cotton mill. This means that the building still has little quirks and quaint features that none of the accommodation that I have ever looked at has. This accommodation features a shared bathroom but is shared between small numbers also you are able to apply for a double or a ¾ sized bed. The price of these rooms is £94 a week. The last accommodation that I looked into was Liberty House. Liberty House was a bit of a disappointment compared to the other halls of residence. This is because Liberty House was not as "homey" as the others. I didn’t feel as though I could live there. Nevertheless, the price for these halls are £83.50 a week and they are located directly opposite Liberty Works.

Lastly, the course that I wanted to look into was Journalism. I decided to book a course tour online before I attended the open day so I was scheduled to look into what the course I wanted to do offered me.

Overall I feel as though Sheffield Hallam University is a lovely university to attend. The atmosphere of the university seemed welcoming and an easy place to live and study. I also think that it is ideal place if you are wanting to live and study in the city.

Find out more about Sheffield Hallam on their website and perhaps book yourself on an open day.

Shannon Bruce