Game Review: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Borderlands is back with the 3rd game in the franchise and this time you’re taken to the moon for some low gravity and high flying fun. The main plot of the game takes place between the first and second game and mainly borrows elements and weapons from Borderlands 2 as it acts as the story leading to the game.

The game’s overall gameplay is very similar to Borderlands 2 but not too similar to feel like you’re playing the same game as the lower gravity and enemy variety keeps the game fresh enough to still be playable and enjoyable. The game does stick with the main core of loot that keeps fans playing as you will constantly find the bigger and better gun to aid you on your adventure through the perilous landscapes of Pandora’s moon.

With new weapon group Laser you’re spoiled for choice as not every laser weapon shoots or acts the same and with new element of Ice added to the game it gives you a new way to fight and punish your enemies. But with the moon having no atmosphere you won’t last long without oxygen unless you’re Claptrap but even Borderland manages to turn your vital oxygen packs or Oz kits into lootable item with own buffs and power to help you along. And if you thought you couldn’t be any more of walking weapon of mass destruction even gravity can be used as a weapon as you can throw yourself up to high places to come crashing down with an explosive wave to blast your opponents away.

The game lets you chose from 4 characters and, as always in Borderlands, you’re never just armed with guns but also your own unique abilities giving you the edge in battle as each character can play a different role. There’s the Enforce Wilhelm who can summon two little drones with one attacking and the other healing and his skill trees which focus around damage and health. Then there is Athena who is the Gladiator armed with a shield which can store energy received from enemy fire and then can be thrown right back at them to seriously harm them and her skill trees which focus on making her abilities better. Then there is Nisha the Lawbringer who can rapidly target enemies with superior gun skill and wipe them out with ease with skill tree focusing on improving her strength, pistol ability or overall skills. Then finally there’s the unpredictable Claptrap who is given the Vault hunter exe which analyse the battle field and chose an ability which would suit his scenario most of the time and skill trees help him unlock more power to use during vault hunter exe.

The game is certainly a great for any fan of the series who wants to learn of the event in between the last two games but I wouldn’t overall recommend it to newcomers of the series. The game does have a lot of replayablity for those who love to collect as legendary weapons are scattered all over the land to keep most RPG players interested. Plus the larger involvement of the playable characters through dialogue does help improve the story and let us see more of the personality of the character we play. In the end Borderlands the Pre-Sequel earns a 7/10. The game could improve over time with 4 planned expansion stories and the online co-op to keep fans happy and interested until the next game arrives.

Samuel Whittaker