Update: Charity Week & Student Leadership


As we are in the midst of Charity Week, we thought it was important to give you a quick update as to how things are going. So far through the week we have had a variety of interesting and fun events taking place such as a Pub Quiz, Darts, the Student 5-a-side football match, Raffles and Tombolas, a Taste Test Challenge, Charity Car Washes, a Gameathon and the Post 16 Vs Staff match. We still have many more events left for you to donate and participate in.

On Thursday we have the Monarchy memory challenge, a "Which country is it?" challenge and Disney Time (movie and a quiz)

On Friday we have our non-school uniform day where student can come to school in their own clothes. Post 16 students can come up in fancy dress (as their favourite Disney character) or in smart dress.

Throughout the week we have the "guess the amount of sweets in the jar" challenge and the Leadership Ice Bucket Challenge where students can nominate a member of the leadership team to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge and the video will then be posted online.

On behalf of Staff, the Post 16 Leadership team and the Student council we would like to say thank you to all students who have supported the charities during this week.

As this week has been charities week, some of the leadership’s time has been dedicated to this and how we are able to support it. We have delegated roles to members of the leadership team and have at least one member of the leadership team at each event, both to supervise, to help out and to collect the money raised.

In addition to this we have also been focusing on the Post 16 Café and how to improve the service that it provides to Post 16 students. A questionnaire was devised and given out to Post 16 students to fill in. This questionnaire not only asked questions about the Café but also Post 16 itself, such as "Why they stayed here".

Other interests to the team are:

  • The Minsthorpe stall at the careers event
  • The Year 7 helping hands programme
  • The Post 16 parents evening
  • And how students can become more involved in teaching and learning