Failing To Fund Education – The Real Costs

Institute for Fiscal Studies

Last week the Institute for Fiscal Studies did a cost analysis of the manifesto pledges of the three major political parties and it digs deeper than any national analysis has previously been able to do. It shows the projected effect of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat funding changes on every school in England and Wales.

Minsthorpe Community College can be found here – School Cuts (Minsthorpe Community College)

We need to look carefully at claims of a "real-terms increase" in education spending that hide the fact that, by 2022, 93% of schools will experience a real-terms per-pupil spending cut of 7% per pupil if Conservative spending policies are adopted and a 4.2% cut if the Lib Dem pledges are followed. Labour policies would result in a real-terms per-pupil increase of 1.6%.

Failing to invest in education is penny wise, pound foolish and risks our future in a post-Brexit world that will need young people to become entrepreneurs and engineers, scientists and mathematicians.

The idea that schools can continue to maintain educational standards whilst having to cut teaching staff, support staff and to teach students in ever larger classes fronted by non-specialist teachers is fanciful. With an election looming, it is time for voters to challenge and change the way that education policy is formulated and debated and for the electorate to raise the standard of argument where politicians can no longer get away with making misleading claims, lazily repeated.

There is a link on the School Cuts website that allows you to email the Hemsworth candidates and I invite you to ask them to explain their education policy to you.

Ray Henshaw