Luke Farmer – 10 Years Gone But Not Forgotten

Luke Farmer

27/07/1990 – 15/01/2010

Author Unknown

From a northern town called Upton
Came a man of nineteen years
His name, it was Luke Farmer
Now his family are shedding tears
For their son he joined the rifles
He went to fight for you and me
He went to Helmand Province
So that the Afghans could be free
He was with the Third Battalion
They had been fighting in the night
At the point with his mine detector
He thought that this was only right
Now he and Corporal Lee Brownson
They were there to clear the way
They saw it as their sacred duty
So their friends would in safety stay
There was then a sudden loid explosion
And these two young men have died
They were fighting for friends and country
Alas two more young Riflemen have died
Then on Tuesday 19th January 2010
They brought these heroes home
Through a town called Wootton Bassett
But these warriors would not be alone
At dawn five buses left Luke’s home town
His family and friends sat quietly alone
They were going south to meet him
And with pride to bring their hero home
Two hundred and fifty people came
They drove from that little northern town
To join with the people of Wootton Bassett
They could not let their young warrior down
So our people came and stood in silence
With deep respect they stand and pray
They come to honour our nation’s heroes
But for the families a proud but sad, sad day
Now young Luke he is back in England
All of our hearts do swell with pride
For we shall always remember Luke
And all the other heroes that have died.