Ready Ofsteddy Go!

Finally it is official – Ofsted has judged Minsthorpe Community College to be good in every category – achievement, teaching, behaviour and safety, leadership and management and overall effectiveness.

This means that the inspectors judged the college to be effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its students’ needs. This has not happened by accident but is the result of well-thought-out strategies that have been taking root in the college over the past three years and it is recognition of all the hard work that both the staff and students have put in. The staff and the leadership team at Minsthorpe are superb and the vast majority of students realise this and appreciate how much effort their teachers put in in order to create better life chances for everyone educated at the College.

With so many schools being judged as ‘requires improvement’ this grade is a great achievement for everyone involved with Minsthorpe – but we are not complacent. Most schools who receive a good judgement see ‘outstanding’ as the next logical step and Minsthorpe is no exception. To become an ‘outstanding’ school is not quick or easy but we are well on the way. Whilst education is not just about Ofsted grades and league tables, it does involve them and my vision is that MCC becomes an outstanding college not for the Ofsted badge but, because, that is what our students deserve on a daily basis.

Outstanding schools are always consistent schools. Together, we have to ensure that we all get the basics right, all day, every day and not when we are about to be on the receiving end of an inspection. Improving the quality of education that we provide is all about helping teachers to give lessons that genuinely engage learners in the process of learning so that they develop skills and competencies that will enable them to succeed in the twenty first century workplace.

Ultimately, my aim is for Minsthorpe to be a college that we are proud for anyone to inspect – any time, any day – because we know that what we do every day, every week, every year is to offer students great learning!

Ray Henshaw