Sport Relief

It is that time again – once again the nation comes together today and over this weekend to bring the entire nation together to get active, have fun and raise life-changing cash. No doubt many of you will be doing something sporting to help raise money for causes both in the UK and abroad.

The benefits of taking part in sport are well known and the idea of ‘unhealthy children’ takes up a lot of column inches in the media today. At Minsthorpe, we are always thinking of ways of putting the bounce back into school fitness outside of PE. After Easter, we will be opening up the AstroTurf area to allow students to take part in a variety of fitness activities during Snack Break 2. Totally throwing convention on its head, wouldn’t fitness be more fun and accessible for young people if they undertook daily a few minutes’ exercise with an activity that didn’t require changing into kit?

Of course, many will want just to play traditional sports- but this will also be an opportunity for students at Minsthorpe to try out a variety of physical activities – yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, cheerleading, aerobics and line dancing to name but a few! What we are hoping is that by adding some choice and flexibility to what students can do during Snack Break 2 we will see a more willing participation in fitness activities.

Ray Henshaw