Staying Safe Online

Data Privacy Day began in the United States and Canada in January 2008. The day is now celebrated across the world and observed annually on January 28th. Your children are growing up in a digital world, one in which data flows freely and, with this freedom, comes danger. Data Privacy Day reminds us that we need to have conversations with young people to get them to think before they send any dubious Snapchat messages or post any information or images about themselves online. A lot of it is common sense – if they would not go up to a group of total strangers and tell them details of their private life or show them personal photographs, then don’t do exactly the same thing on either Facebook or Twitter!

The challenge for all of us is how to help young people to become good online citizens so that they enjoy the benefits of a social media rather than falling prey to an anti social one. At Minsthorpe we run eSafety training for parents who want to know how to help their children protect their privacy and stay safe online. For further details contact the college.

Ray Henshaw