CEIAG at Minsthorpe

  1. Careers Education: Planned programmes in the curriculum giving students knowledge and skills to help them to plan/manage their own career
  2. Career Information: The school provides students with an internal Careers Information Hub through FIREFLY where information can be researched on areas including options, skills, occupations, labour market information (LMI), career pathways and progression routes
  3. Careers Advice and Guidance: Independent and impartial careers advice and guidance provided by L6 qualified careers advisors
  4. Work Related Learning: Experiences within and outside the curriculum to help students learn about economic well-being, careers and enterprise

To evaluate our careers programme we need to set out what we want our aims to be; Careers Education & Guidance is an important element within the college’s overall aims and objectives. Within a programme of broad and balanced education, it stimulates individual students to access skills, knowledge and values essential in managing lifelong learning and career development and aims to ensure that all students progress into a positive destination.

Our careers programme enables students to:

  • Develop a knowledge of themselves, strengths, weaknesses, personal qualities and have a balanced view of their potential
  • Investigate education, training and career opportunities in learning and work
  • Make informed choices regarding the above
  • Develop their independence and sense of responsibility
  • Prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood
  • To encourage participation in continued learning including higher education and further education (including apprenticeship opportunities

Minsthorpe Community College also has a dedicated Careers section on the school FIREFLY intranet system, students can access FIREFLY from home. There is specific information on Apprenticeships, Careers, University, Year 8 Pathways and much more. Please ask your son/ daughter to show you.


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