Child Sexual Exploitation Presentation

Chelsea's Choice

On Thursday the 4th February students in Year 8 and 9 will be watching a performance related to the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation.

‘Chelsea’s Choice’ is an Applied Theatre Production (based on real-life stories) that has proven highly effective in raising awareness around Child Sexual Exploitation, Trafficking, The ‘Grooming’ Process, Healthy Relationships and Safe Internet Use.

The play tells the story of a group of three students who discover the diary of a girl called Chelsea. Chelsea was a young girl who, having fallen out with her friends and family, was approached by a man called Gary. Gary was older, owned a car, had a flat and treated her like an adult. Unfortunately Gary was not what he seemed to be! Chelsea’s story is played out and examined by the three students who, along with their teacher, attempt to understand what happened to Chelsea and how it could have been prevented.

Please see the leaflet below for further information.

Parents against Child Sexual Exploitation (PACE) have developed an online awareness course which practitioners and parents can access via the WDSCB website.

PACE is a national charity offering information, support and guidance to parents and carers in relation to CSE. The website has a number of free resources for parents and carers which can be accessed online or downloaded. PACE also run a national telephone support service, details of which can found via the PACE website.

If you wish to find out any further information then please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Mrs J Collins
Assistant Principal

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