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Minsthorpe Community College

Join The Minsthorpe Way!

Minsthorpe Community College is going places. The College became an Academy in 2011 and was judged ‘Good’ by Ofsted in March 2014. Our sights remain firmly upon ‘Outstanding’ because that is what our students deserve on a daily basis. Improving the quality of education that we provide is all about helping teachers to give lessons that genuinely engage learners in the process of learning and developing skills and competencies that will enable them to succeed in the twenty first century workplace. Success for young people in this competitive world demands that they are able to learn, unlearn and relearn and we pride ourselves on teaching our students how to think for themselves. We want every young person here to have a ‘can do’ attitude, an attitude that does not fear failure but that learns from it.

The College sits at the heart of the local community and welcomes people to the Sports and Fitness Centre, the Happy Days Children’s Centre and the Training and Conference Centre. In addition the College is a nationally recognised quality provider of teacher training both as part of the Wakefield Learning Community and also as the hub school for the Minsthorpe Consortium and the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance School-centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). We are proud to be helping to develop the quality teachers of tomorrow and we have ambitions to become a Teaching School and for the YTCA to emerge as a Teaching School Alliance in the future.

Always Believe That You Can Achieve

This is the student motto and it was created by the students themselves. At Minsthorpe we believe that intelligence is learnable. It is expandable-not fixed- and achievement is the product of hard work. The key to expandable intelligence lies far more in the self-belief of students than it does in any ideas about innate ability. At Minsthorpe we stress that putting the effort into learning is a win-win situation- students’ make real progress and strengthen their intelligence as a result.

Travelling – The Minsthorpe Way

You can deliver a curriculum but you cannot deliver values – you can only do this by living them and staff and students are guided by a set of core values: Believe; Achieve; Succeed; Enjoy; Support. These are called The Minsthorpe Way and every student who successfully travels this road with us will know that by behaving and learning The Minsthorpe Way that they will have covered all of the bases. All adults (teachers, associate staff, governors, and parents) work together in partnership and expect our students to strive for excellence. For us education is a joint enterprise. We are all in this together – we all celebrate Minsthorpe’s achievements and we are all responsible for its failures: everybody matters, everybody succeeds, and everybody helps. By involving everyone in ensuring that all are enabled to achieve, the College creates communities which share in the success of all when the highest of aspirational targets are set and met. We recognise the truth behind the African perception that "if you want to walk fast, walk alone; but if you want to walk far then walk together" and we value the contributions of everybody in the College in achieving our goals.

College Priorities

We believe that we know our College well and through a rigorous quality assurance programme and an honest self-evaluation we believe ourselves to be a good school with a number of outstanding features. Our focus remains on three College priorities for this academic year:

  • Improve progress for all students;
  • Diminish the difference;
  • Improve whole College attendance.

These drive our SEF, our College Strategic Plan (CSP), all team action plans (CASPs/CCSPs) and staff appraisal objectives. We believe that we have:

  • A self-critical leadership culture;
  • A respectful and aspirational College culture;
  • A realistic understanding of the quality of learning and teaching in the College;
  • A clear understanding of our weaknesses and can demonstrate that the strategies that we have employed to address them are having an impact.

Our Mission

Minsthorpe Community College’s mission is to change for the better the lives and life chances of all members of our community. In order to achieve this we are committed to the achievement of rapid educational transformation within the College through the development of outstanding practice based upon sustainable collaboration. Minsthorpe Community College aims to become an outstanding College in which all children are enabled to reach their potential through the provision of high quality education within a caring and supportive environment. Guided by the principle of ‘learning without limits’ students are responsible for their own learning and strive to achieve at the highest level in an environment that allows the values of The Minsthorpe Way to flourish.

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