Construction Work At Minsthorpe

Construction Plan

The college successfully bid for £2m from the government’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) last year to continue work on upgrading its ageing CLASP buildings. CLASP buildings went up everywhere in the 1970s and were typified by flooding (due to their flat roofs) and were plagued by problems connected with asbestos and typically suffered from having rotting door/window frames and cold internal temperatures during the winter. The money we have secured will allow us to bring the central area of the college (Admin Block/Social-Vocational Education and the Main Hall) up to the same high specification as the frontage of the college and to install pitched roofs to make this area watertight as well as new doors, windows and a new external envelope to make the temperature in the building more comfortable. All will match the existing grey/blue external envelope of the areas that we have been upgrading in phases over the past 6 years.

We have chosen a highly experienced contractor when it comes to working on live school sites and they have acceded to all of our safeguarding stipulations. The contractors will be working on the building in fenced-off compounds to ensure that students do not come into contact with the building site. Of course there will be some disruption over the course of the 20 week programme of works but everything will be done to keep this to a minimum. You will find a link here to a letter from the main contractor.

Bit by bit the college is being upgraded with the only CLASP buildings now left being Carnegie, the Maths Block and the Sports Hall. In December 2017 we made a further bid to the CIF to move on to the Carnegie next and will know by May 2018 if the bid has been successful or not.

Ray Henshaw

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