"Fostering a culture of Professional Learning"

At Minsthorpe Community College we value our staff body and believe in the importance of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We recognise that by investing in the development of our colleagues we are able to provide a rich and varied educational experience for all our students and support them in achieving the best possible outcomes on leaving our college.

Minsthorpe is the hub of the YTCA SCITT which provides excellent initial teacher training and has recently received a well-deserved Ofsted grading of "good" with many outstanding features identified. We have and continue to develop a coherent continuum of support from this ITT provision to NQT and RQT/RQT+1. This ensures that teachers continue to develop their skills in the classroom but also provides potential future opportunities for career progression. We aim to retain our best teachers as future leaders but equally prepare our staff for progression to other institutions at the right time.

Action Research drives CPD for our teaching staff. All staff are engaged each year in Personal Enquiry or a Lesson Study Triad and research and develop an enquiry question which is pertinent to their role and stage of their career development.

This enquiry based approach to CPD is underpinned by the following key principles:

  • Personalised to the individual teacher or triad.
  • Seeks to impact positively on student outcomes.
  • Focussed on classroom practice and pedagogy.
  • Fosters a culture of risk-taking and innovation.
  • Collaborative & outward-facing.

Our aim is that our college becomes a "research-rich" institution where practice is based on evidence. It is our belief that all teachers should be enquiring and reflective practitioners who strive to deliver quality teaching which supports students towards success. We are already making strides towards this ambition.

Alongside Action Research staff also engage in other forms of CPD; indeed the day-to-day practice of classroom teaching is excellent CPD in itself!

Teaching staff work collaboratively within their subject areas to develop their pedagogical skills and discuss and develop key ideas surrounding issues such as classroom practice, curriculum and assessment.

Our Maths and MFL team are involved in a pilot of Peer Coaching to deepen and develop subject-specific pedagogy and practice and further enhance the collaborative nature of our profession.

We also offer 1:1 coaching to members of staff through the Minsthorpe Coaching Model (MCM) with experienced and skilled practitioners supporting other colleagues to develop their classroom practice.

Furthermore, staff have the opportunity to engage in external CPD and leadership qualifications. We encourage staff to then share what has been learnt across college.

Please feel free to browse the other documentation in this section of our website or contact me directly in college.

Jenny Read
Associate Assistant Principal – CPD/NQT/ITT

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