Enrichment Activities

Enriching the education at Minsthorpe

At Minsthorpe, we are proud of the vast number and range of extended activities offered to our students, their families and the local community. Community cohesion is strong and influences the immediate College Community and beyond. Students treat each other with care and respect and thrive in the culturally and spiritually rich environment of the College. We meet the core offer and deliver a varied menu of activities; parenting support; community access and early intervention and prevention, with swift and easy referral to other agencies. The aspects of the College given here merely indicate some of the opportunities provided beyond the classroom.

  • Breakfast Service
  • Minsthorpe Access Point
  • Individual Pastoral Care – with Progress & Achievement programme
  • Library Learning Centre
  • On Site Community Activities for Young People
  • Student Council
  • Support for Achievement
  • The Community Dimension
  • The Minsthorpe Primary Partnership