Goodbye Year 12

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I am writing to thank you for your support over the last four years. I have valued your input and share your hopes and aspirations for your son/daughter’s future success. I am moving on to pastures new from September and I look forward to the new challenges that will bring. HOWEVER, I am sad to be leaving Minsthorpe Community College after twelve years, it is a phenomenal school and it has been wonderful to be part of the teaching staff here. The biggest sadness of all is leaving the students. I do get really attached to my year groups and will miss all the students immensely. I will be in touch with staff and students and look forward to hearing how their individual life journeys progress. Your children are a credit to you, they truly are an amazing cohort.

Mr Benson and Mr Fowle will lead them through the rest of their educational journey and onto University, apprenticeships or whichever pathway they choose.

I look forward to hearing about the top results they will no doubt achieve in their studies and I wish them all every success and happiness for the future

Yours sincerely

Miss J Bourne
Cross Curriculum Team Leader

Hello Year 13

On Thursday 8th September 2016 your son/daughter will return to Minsthorpe for enrolment into Year 13. Their time for this will be posted out over the summer. This will mark the start of an important year that will decide where they go in the next stage of their journey. I will look forward to supporting you and your children through this important but challenging year.

I also look forward to the continued support that you have given to Miss Bourne over the last 4 years and hope that together we can raise their aspirations to realise their full potential.

Having taught much of this year group I can mirror what Miss Bourne says that they are an amazing group of individuals and I will continue to value your input and support.

Yours sincerely

Mr D Benson
Cross Curriculum Team Leader