It’ll All End In Tears

It'll All End In Tears Promotional Image

Talented students are to educate their peers about road safety after making a hard hitting film showing the devastating impact of not wearing a seatbelt.

It’ll All End In Tears, a professionally produced video featuring Wakefield District teenagers, is set to be shown in schools across the region after receiving its premiere at Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy on Thursday.

The production features police officers and student actors from Minsthorpe Community College and Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy, and shows the devastating effect of a head on collision in which those involved don’t wear seatbelts and also use mobile phones while driving.

The eight minute video was paid for by cash confiscated from criminals under the Proceeds of Crime and a financial grant from the former West Yorkshire Police Community Trust.

It was supported by the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioners Office, with the aim of developing a learning resource which could really get the message home to young people about the need to stay safe when on the road.

Discussions are now underway for the video to be shown to students across the Wakefield District and potentially elsewhere.

PC Simon Newton, A Safer Schools partnership Officer with West Yorkshire Police, said: "Everyone involved in this DVD, police, student actors, film makers and everyone who supported it, is very proud of what we achieved and we hope it will have a real impact among young people in our part of the world."

"We decided earlier this year that we wanted to find a way of delivering a strong road safety message to young people, and what better way to do it than by getting teenagers involved to speak directly to their peers."

"The students who took part were fantastic and really got into it with us. They had a real input into the end result and showed tons of enthusiasm."

The officer said roads were closed for the simulated crash scenes in which the vehicles were driven by off duty roads policing officers who volunteered their time.

Adding that they were grateful for the funding and support, PC Newton said he hoped the video would do some good.

"If just one person is persuaded to put on a seatbelt which ends up saving their life or saving them from serious injury in a collision it will have been worth the effort a thousand times over," he added.

Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns Williamson, added: "When I heard about ‘It’ll All End In Tears’ I was keen to offer my support. I have promised to work with young people and use my influence as Police and Crime Commissioner to support the police to engage positively with all young people.

"This film and supporting teacher’s pack are a superb example of what young people can achieve in partnership with the police. It focuses young people on their personal responsibility, the impact of not wearing a seatbelt and of the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving, not only to themselves, but to their friends, family and local community. I am passionate about helping make our roads safer, by working with partners to find local solutions to local problems."

Talented Minsthorpe student, Demi Wordsworth, stars in this hard hitting video, which is an excellent example of team work from our students and staff. We are grateful to our SSPO, PC Simon Newton, for leading on this important initiative and to teachers Beth Thomson, Sharlene Williams and Kirsty Jackson and website developer Phill Thornberry for contributing their expertise.