Learning Partners

What are Learning Partners and what are the Objectives?

Learning Partners will be students from years 9, 10 and 12 in the first instance who will work with a department for a period of time. It is an opportunity to have an input in to the quality and content of the L&T being offered to students across the college.

  • You will be selected and led by Mrs Fairhurst, Leading Practitioners and Mrs Merritt
  • You will help to further develop Learning & Teaching across the college by becoming more aware of what good learning looks like, how different students learn and what you should expect in a quality (outstanding) lesson
  • This will give you a greater voice at Minsthorpe
  • It will give you a greater understanding of the role of your teachers and of how students can get the best from a lesson

Why are we doing it?

  • It is a tremendous opportunity
  • It will offer your teachers more ideas as to what inspires young people to learn
  • It will offer students more ideas and strategies about to how to learn as effectively as possible
  • It will develop maturity and responsibility in students
  • It will help the college evaluate the quality of L&T at ‘ground level’

How will Learning Partners be selected?

  • You will be chosen because we think you will make a success of this role
  • Talk with CCTL and your P&A mentors
  • Application Form – does it reflect your enthusiasm – (you have to want to do it)
  • You are right for the job!

The role of the Learning Partner

  • Work closely with a department in college
  • Visit lessons within that department
  • Work with our Leading Practitioners (Mrs Gibson, Mrs Capstick and Mr Salim), Mrs Fairhurst & Mrs Merritt
  • Support departmental events
  • Feedback confidentially on what you see in lessons
  • Work on planning alongside the teachers in the department – see how they work!
  • Work with students
  • Attend any relevant training
  • Meet Governors

How to become a Learning Partner

  • More details in P&A time
  • You must ‘apply’ to Mrs Fairhurst by Friday 14th February 2014
  • Selection process – you will find out by week beginning 10th March
  • Training day on Wednesday 9th July

What will the Learning Partners do once chosen?

  • You will be paired up with a department (introductions)
  • Visit lessons in that department
  • Go to some of their meetings/events
  • Work with individual teachers as and when they wish
  • Share inspirational ideas about the use of our new Learning & Teaching Blog
  • Feedback to the Student Council as and when appropriate
  • Meet with our Governors