Meet The Maths Team

Meet The Maths Team

Mrs Gilmore – Curriculum Team Leader

I joined Minsthorpe in 2000 as an NQT and have enjoyed every day since. I love all aspects of maths (obviously on par with shoes and handbags) but love more being Maths curriculum team leader working with such great students and teachers. ☺

Simon Fitzgerald – ACTL Key stage 4

I joined Minsthorpe in 2006 following a career as a qualified engineer working for Network Rail. My hobbies include not talking about surds club, not wearing shoes and not losing chimp marks.

Miss Rayner – ACTL Closing the Gap

I started working at Minsthorpe in 2011 and love teaching maths. My favourite topic is solving equations.

Miss Worrall – ACTL Joint Projects and Enrichment

I joined Minsthorpe in 2011 as an NQT and love thinking of new and exciting ways to teach Maths. I am responsible for enrichment projects in Maths and joint projects with the local primary schools.

Mr Salim – Lead Practitioner

I joined Minsthorpe in 2013 as a Mathematics Lead practitioner with an engineering background. I am always willing and keen to learn new things.

Mrs Richardson – ACTL Key stage 3

I have worked at Minsthorpe since 2003. I love Maths and Algebra is my favourite topic as I enjoy the challenge of solving problems!

Miss Thorpe – ACTL Key stage 5

Self confessed geek. Specialist skills: Making boring Statistics amazingly exciting through lively and engaging teaching! Favourite Quote: “You try, you fail, you try, you fail… but the only time you really fail is when you stop trying”… Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Everything is achievable eventually – you just have to want it enough!!!!!!

Mr Gilmore – Assistant Principal (Curriculum, Assessment and Student Progress)

I began my career at Minsthorpe in 2000 and have been responsible for a number of roles including Head of Careers, Head of Maths and finally Assistant Principal in 2008. My hobbies include football, cricket and more recently running. My greatest achievement is completing the Great North Run in 2012. My first marathon is in October 2014!!

Mrs Dwyer

I started working here as an NQT in 2007 and have spent all my Maths career working in a brilliant and supportive maths team. I have taught all year groups and love teaching Algebra the best, even though most students don’t like it!

Mr Mansell

I have been a teacher at Minsthorpe for nearly 10 years. Prior to this I worked in many jobs and gained many life experiences that have been essential in guiding students in their aspirations for the future. I am a Mathematics geek, and love exploring the world of numbers and geometry – I am often to be found solving cubic equations or integrating functions, just for pleasure!

Mr Ovenden

I joined Minsthorpe in September 2013 as an NQT. I have previously worked here as a teaching assistant prior to completing my PGCE year. I love sport, travelling and linking Maths to the real world.

Mr Clough

I joined Minsthorpe in September 2013 and I have enjoyed my first months teaching here. Outside of work I love sport and eating ‘posh nosh’.

Mr Steel

I joined Minsthorpe Community College in 1991 and I am now teaching the sons and daughters of the students that were here at that time. When I am not following Sheffield Wednesday at the weekends I like to run marathons, climb mountains and exaggerate.

Mrs Howlett

I have been teaching at Minsthorpe for the last 10 years. I enjoy all aspects of Maths, especially engaging students through problem solving activities. I have three gorgeous children who keep me very busy and entertained.

Mrs Andrews

Mrs Fitzgerald

I joined Minsthorpe in 2001. I enjoy working as an HLTA in Maths, particularly working with groups of students to maximise their performance and achievement at GCSE.

Mr Fowle

I started working at Minsthorpe in 2010 as a member of the Support for Achievement team. I joined the Maths team in April 2013 and I am currently completing my PGCE at Minsthorpe via Edge Hill University.

Mr Gray

Following a successful career as an architect and then ICT/Maths teacher I joined Minsthopre in 2013 as a Maths tutor. I enjoy working with students from Year 7 to 11 supporting them to achieve their goals.

Mrs Hollis

I joined Minsthorpe in 2012 and enjoy working as a Teaching Assistant within the Maths department.