Calendar Of Events

Note: shades areas are targeted students, clear are universal activities.

Month Event Year Group
September – July Talentino – Our year 9 careers ambassadors will work with the L4L team to introduce Year 7 & 8 to the world of work. 7/8
September – July Shine Project – students visit Huddersfield University and undertake various tasks. 7,8,9,10,11
September – July Realising Opportunities – students visit Huddersfield University and undertake various tasks to support their University applications. 12/13
September – July Progression Module – Students undertake the progression module, support UCAS applications and research – Also worth 12 UCAS points for Universities within the GHWY Universities. (Not all Universities) 12
September We look at the support that students will receive whilst they are in Year 11. A timeline of events and support. 11
September A look at how to apply for apprenticeships and how FIREFLY can support your child with their progression pathway. 11
October – June Application support begins for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged students. 11
October UCAS Progress – Your child will be given a username and password for UCAS Progress, they will also be shown how to apply to P16 or College using this tool. 11
October P16 Open Evening 11
November Future Careers Event, Includes a 1-1 Interview and look at options. 12
November Careers & Higher Education Fair. 10,11,12,13
November Year 11 Interviews start for P16. 11
November P16 Parents Evening. 12/13
December Year 11 Parents Evening 11
December – January University Trip to Leeds Beckett. 8/9
January – April CV Writing. 10
January Student Finance – Talk on student finance. 12
January Apprenticeship Talk. 12/13
January Year 8 Preferencing Support – Look at options after Year 11 and Post 16, also look at job roles, research subjects needed to go into these roles. Research GCSE and A Levels to support Year 9 GCSE options. 8
February Apprenticeship drop ins – WDH are one of several companies who come in to advertise their apprenticeship programme. 11, 12, 13
March Year 10 Parents Evening. 10
March P16 Parents Evening. 12/13
March University trip to Huddersfield 9,10,11
April Year 10 Mock Interviews. 10
April onwards 1-1 Interventions, students look at all the routes open to them, we look at University courses and develop an action plan to support their progression. 10/11
April onwards 1-1 careers support begins for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged students. 10/11
May Kudos – students answer questions on their skills, likes and dislikes using the Kudos career matching tool – they then research their top choices. 9
June – October Those students wishing to apply to University have a UCAS session once a week, through this your child is supported with their personal statement and application process to University. 12
June Year 10 Progression Event 10
June College visits for Vulnerable and Disadvantaged students. 10
June Next Careers event – A look at the careers available at next, also students attended workshops facilitated by next employers where they took part in enterprise activities. 9
June Trips to Langthwaite Business Park, students went to visit the Production Park, The Ice company and Advanced diesel engineering. 9
June Huddersfield University open day – students are taken to the university for an open day, there is a chance for them to attend seminars and find out all about university. 12
June UCAS convention – students can talk to Universities and attend seminars. (Including student finance talk). 12
August P16 Enrolment. 11

We also offer a range of careers information through our teaching curriculum.

Curriculum Area Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance covered
Art Year 7 – 13 – An in-depth look at Careers and Higher education routes within the Art Industry.
Biology Year 7 – 13 – Students look at the careers within the medical profession, research area including Biotechnology, microbiology, genetics and biochemistry. Students also research sectors within the environmental science profession and look at other areas including forensic science, sports science, gene therapist and psychiatrist.
Beauty Therapy Year 12 – Research careers in beauty related industries including beauty salons, spas, nails, make up.
Business Year 12/13 – The course includes units on recruitment and selection, introduction to marketing, business and personal finance – the course is aimed at preparing students to work in business and administration. Students research Careers within accountancy, banking, marketing, human resources and entrepreneurship.
Chemistry Year 7 – 13 – Students research job roles within the medical and research professions, they look at roles including Doctors, Radiographers, Dentists and Medicine Development. Within the research profession students cover job roles such as biotechnology and biochemistry. Other sectors that are researched are forensic science, colour chemist, oil Surveyor, food chemistry and environmental Science.
Child Care Year 9, 10 & 11 – This course gives students an insight and supports them in researching careers in child care, such as child minder, play worker, primary education.
Year 12 – our Level 2 provision in P16 gives students an opportunity to undertake a work experience placement in Child care Sectors such as nurseries and play work assistant.
Year 12/13 – Our Level 3 course again provides students with work experience in a child care sector, quite a lot of our students go into local schools. The programme also provides students who achieve the full qualification a licence to practice in an early years setting or go on to university to study primary teaching, social work, paediatric nursing and similar carers.
Creative, Digital Media Year 10, 11 & 12 – Students look at job roles within the CDM Industry. They research Pre-production skills, creating Digital Graphics, creating a multi-page website and looking at the wold of creative digital animation.
Year 12/13 – Students research jobs role within the CDM Industry, looking at sectors such as Media products and audiences, Pre-production and planning, journalism and the news industry and sounds in the media industry, e.g. music.
English Year 7 – 13 – Look at descriptive writing and editing, as well as speaking, listening and presenting skills that will help in the world of work.
Year 12/13 – Look at editorial writing and the aspects of journalism.
Year 12/13 – Research roles within advertising & marketing.
French Year 11 – Students discuss future study ideas, looking at routes in to University and Apprenticeships. Students also discuss Job preferences and look at part time work and the advantages and disadvantages of working or not working.
Flex Year 9 – PSD targeted Pathways – Look at preparation for work.
Year 10/11 – Explore careers industries within the travel and tourism sector.
Food Technology Year 8 – Exploring careers within food.
Year 9/ 10 – Exploring roles, responsibilities and other key areas in the catering and hospitality industry.
Year 11 – Explore career opportunities in the food Industry.
Geography Year 7 – Students look at the different sectors of employment within Geography, exploring how they have changed over time. Students also look at logistics in different industries, looking at how a mobile phone goes from being made to ending up on shop shelves.
Health & Social Care Year 12 – Students explore careers within the Health Care sector, they also have the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience in a social care setting.
Year 12/13 – Our level 3 students explore careers within the Health Care sector, they also have the opportunity to gain some valuable work experience in setting such as the NHS and other Care settings.
HLTA Year 14 – Our HLTA programme gives students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within a school setting, on completion of the course they also gain HLTA status.
L4L Year 7/8 – Talentino – Year 9 Careers Ambassadors will support staff to introduce careers education information advice and guidance to our students.
Year 8 – We look at different pathway routes including University, College, and Apprenticeships. We also look at how FIREFLY can support students with their choices. We have a dedicated area for our year 8 preference pathways on the Careers/MAP office section of FIREFLY. Students can also research career job roles to support their GCSE choices.
Year 9 – Kudos – students match skills, interests, likes and dislikes against different careers.
Year 10 – CV and mock interviews, students complete a CV and then have an interview with an outside business. Feedback is given on the interview and CV.
Year 11 – We look at the support year 11 students receive through their final year. Students have a UCAS progress session and support to fill in their application forms. We look at pathways to University, apprenticeships etc. to support students informed decision making.
Maths Year 7 – 11 – Discuss how maths is used in different occupations.
Year 12/13 – Students look at the role of an accountant.
Music Year 9 – 11 – students study a unit purely based on the Music industry and how all job roles link together. They have to know the process of putting on a concert including all job roles, legal requirements and skills involved, this also goes for the recording process.
They then learn about requirements of an artist including licensing music, copyright, distribution, wages and contracts etc.
All music industry job roles are covered and students also learn about unions, venues, licensing etc.
Performing Arts Year 10 – Preparation, Performance and Production – Understanding and applying the skills required for all job roles of the industry in order to put on a performance event.
Year 9/10 – Exploring the performing Arts – Developing and apply the understanding of performing Styles by exploring the wok of the industry.
Year 12/13 – Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance – developing and applying the skills of a live performer.
Photography Year 12 & 13 – An in-depth look at Careers and Higher education routes within the photography Industry.
Physics Year 7-11 – Students explore job roles within the medical profession, areas that they look at include Doctors, Radiographers and Dentists. Within Physics they also look at the role Physics plays in the Engineering sector, exploring roles within engineering such as Civil, Automotive, Aerospace, MOD and bio engineering. Other areas they research include product design, space exploration, particle physics and sports science.
Product Design Year 8 – Exploring careers in product design.
Year 9 – Explore job roles including, technical drawing, CAD operators, graphic design packaging, technicians, computer programming and the energy Industry.
Year 10 – Explore job role within, technical drawing, CAD operators, graphic design packaging, and technician.
Year 11 – Explore job roles within product design and manufacturing.
Psychology Year 12/13 – Students research career areas such as psychology, clinical psychology, nursing, teaching, law and counselling.
Sociology Year 12/13 – Students research job roles such as social work, counselling, probation officer and the police.
Sport Year 12 – Students look at different areas within the sports world, they look at Health & Safety at work, learning how to risk assess. The year 12 students also look at routes into sports coaching, as well as sports organisation and development. Students study and take part in the organisation of a sport event.
Textiles Year 8 – Explore careers within textiles.
Year 9/10 – Explore different job roles within manufacturing.
Year 11 – Explore roles in researching fashion and the different roles within manufacturing.
Work Skills Year 12 – This course is aimed at preparing students for working life – this includes applying for jobs, working in teams, solving work related problems and involves work experience.