Minsthorpe Community College – Student WiFi

Minsthorpe Community College provides Wi-Fi Internet access to students who bring their own devices. This access is filtered and recorded. Students can connect their personal devices to the ‘Minsthorpe-WiFi’ wireless network.

Using this access requires a certificate to be installed on the device. Personal device web traffic is not tracked or recorded while outside of the College site. You only need to install the certificate once. After installing, you may need to restart your phone/device.

What happens if I don’t want to install the certificate?

If you choose to not install the certificate, your device will keep warning you that there could be a problem with a certificate for this website. You have the option to continue by clicking through the warning, this may or may not result in the website being displayed correctly. If you do not click through, the website will not be displayed at all.

What happens if I can’t install the certificate on my device?

If you have carefully followed the instructions relating to the device own and you still cannot install the certificate, please contact IT services in the HUB

Certificate Installation Guides

Download Certificate