Minsthorpe Flying The Flag For Henry V

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Audiences were amazed by twelve MCC students at this year’s Honley Shakespeare Festival, with their performance of Henry V. Ten schools collaborated to perform the entire play to a packed house on Friday 18th & Saturday 19th March, 2016.

The Minsthorpe scene delivered Henry’s famous speech inspiring his troops to defeat the French at Agincourt. Using choral speaking and choreographed movement, they told the story of ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers’, who bravely marched into battle.

Our students, from Years 7,8 and 11, captivated the crowd with their emotion, projection and enthusiasm, rehearsing the scene over the last ten weeks. They supported each other throughout, demonstrating exceptional team-work skills, being resourceful, resilient and respectful.

The other performers involved were from a combination of Primary and Secondary schools in Huddersfield, and invited Mrs Sally Thompson, from the English team, to represent the College again at the sixth Honley Shakespeare Festival, as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Learning and Performance Network.

"Our second Shakespeare Festival has been fantastic;" said Mrs Thompson, "I didn’t think it would be possible to match last year’s Hamlet, but Henry V has really raised the bar! Many thanks to Miss McComb, Miss Morgan, Mr Gervis, Miss Rodgers and Miss Wildman for helping over the Festival weekend."