We are currently involved in the University of Oxford’s research project called MYRIAD.

What is MYRIAD?

MYRIAD stands for ‘my resilience in adolescence’ and looks at young people’s wellbeing and resilience (the ability to adapt in the face of difficulties) throughout adolescence. Many secondary schools like Minsthorpe teach emotional health and well-being, believing that it can affect the way children learn, behave and develop into adulthood. The project will compare the existing, good-quality, social emotional learning that is already being taught in schools (known as ‘teaching as usual’) to a programme of study that is based on mindfulness techniques.

Who is paying for this project?

This project is being paid for by the Wellcome Trust, a charity that supports research to improve health.

What does it involve?

Students in Years 7 & 8 during 2017-18 were asked to answer questions about their well-being, mental health, behaviour and other areas. Researchers have visited the College and helped students answer these questions either online or on paper. The first research visit lasted around 40 minutes, and each visit after will take around 45-60 minutes. Figure 1 below gives the timeline for the project. Visits will be done as a whole class and follow these cohorts through the College. Each student will complete their own questionnaire in order to allow the researchers compare their results with those of students from other schools who are also involved in the project. Students and parents have been given the opportunity to opt out of the project if they wish as it is entirely voluntary.

All students involved in the project are given their own unique ID number that the researchers will use to match up all the information they provide during their time in the project. The results of this research will not identify students in any way. Once the project is completed, the MYRIAD project team may release the project data to other researchers so that it can be used to answer other research questions. Any information shared is completely anonymous and students cannot be identified from it in any way. At the end of the trial, anonymised documents will be stored securely for ten years after which they will be destroyed.

Pupil Participation in MYRIAD

Figure 1 – Students’ progression through MYRIAD

How will the MYRIAD project help our students?

Whilst the College has not been randomly selected to deliver the mindfulness techniques (see MT on Figure 1 above), we are proud to continue to be involved in the MYRIAD project and look forward to receiving the results, which will certainly help shape the quality of social emotional learning provision in the future. Adolescence is a time of change and development. Learning skills that build resilience has the potential to help students navigate these challenges during their time at the College and build a platform to serve them throughout their lives. At Minsthorpe we provide a curriculum that offers an appropriately challenging learning environment for all students by developing specific skills and learning attributes. The six skills, known as the 6Rs, are Respect, Responsible, Reasoning, Reflective, Resourceful and Resilience.

Sarah Adams
Assistant Principal; Quality & Impact
May 2018

MYRIAD Project Team
Tel: 01865 613 164

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