Offsite Learning

The value of offsite learning for all students at Minsthorpe Community College is well recognised and appreciated.

The College is proud of the efforts taken to ensure such learning activities continue to:

  • play an important role in delivering the values of The Minsthorpe Way: Believe, Achieve, Succeed, Enjoy and Support
  • improve academic achievement
  • develop and extend the learning environment
  • provide first-hand experience, giving the students opportunities to translate theoretical curriculum aims and abstract skills and concepts into practical means of expression
  • provide learning experiences which are both socially relevant and rooted in a respect for our natural and "man-made" environment
  • allow students to learn from "real life" and recognise the relevance of classroom-based learning
  • put demands upon students to become active independent learners as evidence is observed, collected, recorded, classified, quantified and evaluated in a range of environments
  • give students a realistic understanding and appreciation of the need for safe practice
  • challenge students in new situations, to achieve new goals
  • provide opportunities for informal learning through recreational leisure time experiences
  • stimulate, inspire and improve motivation, so reducing behaviour problems and improve attendance

During the academic year 2017/18, a grand total of 88 offsite visits took place. 17 of these visits were residential, overseas, adventurous or a combination of all three (!) and included the popular and successful Austria Ski Trip, Paris, Year 7 Residential, Football Academy Tours, Summer Water-sports and some University Summer Schools.

The behaviour and participation rates of our students during offsite visits has been commented on as exemplary by several members of the public on different visits; evidence indeed that such opportunities not only allow our students to thrive but do carry the excellent reputation of the College much further than the local community.

Staff are already planning the following exciting visits for the coming year:

  • Autumn Term – New York, Austria Ski Visit, Barcelona & Post 16 Football Tour
  • Spring Term – Paris Visit & Year 7 Residential
  • Summer Term – Water-sports, France & Wimbledon/London Residential