Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

I would like to ask for your support in achieving a once in a life time experience. I have been selected by the Army Cadet force to represent the county on an amazing trip to Gibraltar for two weeks in April. During this trip I will learn new military skills like FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas) which would consist of shooting and fighting through the well known tunnels of Gibraltar, getting a taste of a military experience in a foreign country, taking part in sporting events for the county, teaching cadets of Gibraltar our way of doing cadet activities and gaining an experience that will change my life.

I have been selected for this trip because I have shown persistent dedication to the Army Cadet Force, attending every detachment night, caring for cadets throughout the county, because of this I have successfully progressed to the rank of Sergeant. The trip to Gibraltar is what all my hard work has been for and this is the opportunity I have been given which I cannot miss. I sadly have to leave the Cadets on the 28th of September due to turning 18 so I am gripping every opportunity I get with both hands and making the most of any situation to try and achieve everything possible before I sadly hand in my uniform.

Due to the Ministry of Defence cutting cadet funding it has been made apparent that the Army Cadet Force cannot afford to send Cadets on this trip that they once thought they could so instead of cancelling this amazing opportunity, we have decided to do things the proper Cadet way and put in a little extra hard work to raise the money ourselves and with the support of our generous peers. The trip costs £600 each however, through grants from bigger companies we have managed to take this cost down to £400. Every penny helps and I would be more than grateful for any contribution you have to help us raise this money. This trip to Gibraltar may be a Cadet trip where I will learn new skills, gain new strengths and achieve goals, but it is a trip that I will never forget and it will shape me to be a better, stronger, more kind and caring version of myself.

Thank you.

Jessie, Post 16 Student

This is the GoFundMe page I have created:
GoFundMe – Army Cadet Force Excercise Rookes Rock, Gibraltar