Press Release – Spencer Walker

Minsthorpe Community College

Understandably, today has been a raw day. It is a measure of how well loved Spencer Walker was, that his death has affected so many today. We have tried to keep the day as normal as possible but have provided places where students and staff can go to talk and grieve. We have had help today from the Educational Psychology Service and volunteers from The Samaritans. In addition our own teachers and associate staff have been magnificent in The MAP Office and ST and have been talking to students almost from the start of the college day.

Students who did not know Spencer have been respectful of those who are feeling his loss and those deeply touched have been supporting one another in the places we have set aside for them. Students and staff have been invited to write tributes to Spencer in a Memory Book that we will put together and present to his family. These are tough times but Minsthorpe is a family in which everybody helps. Together we will find a way through this.

Ray Henshaw