Principal’s Blog – 14th October 2016

Balloon Release - Image courtesy of Yorkshire Evening Post

Balloon Release

On Wednesday October 12th friends of Spencer Walker came up to the college field and released red balloons in his memory. Each carried their own personal message to Spencer or his family. It was a touching event organised by Kim Boddy as a tribute to Spencer.

Oh me lads, you should’ve seen us gannin

This from Mitch Cameron…

Michael Newton-Mann, Martin Stringfellow and I took the lads to London last weekend. We made our way down to Cheshunt in Hertfordshire where we defeated Edmonton Football Academy 4-2 (Manny’s previous school) in the early evening. A great performance from the lads, goals from Callum Whitehouse, Joel Guest, Jonny Elvidge and, Y11 starlet, Joe Baker.

After a nice stay in the quaint, local Youth Hostel, we made our way to Stamford Bridge on Saturday morning. An intimate little stadium in the heart of the city. A good tour with an interesting (though sparse) museum.

It was then onto Wembley! England v Malta. The game, although a little dour as a spectacle, turned out to be a satisfactory 2-0 score line to the hosts and a pleasing result for the boys, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The trip was topped off with some fantastic vocals to Absolute 80s Radio on the way home. All in all, a fantastic trip and the lads were a credit to the college.

Spaced Learning

In an earlier blog I told you about our involvement with the Spaced Learning project that is being led by Sheffield Hallam University, Queens University Belfast and The Sutton Trust. The project uses the principles of neuroscience to help students learn and retain knowledge by breaking up learning periods with distractor activities that demand different cognitive functions such as juggling and Lego building.

In other words, learning periods are spaced out so that the cognitive effort required by the brain when students return to the activity is greater and this strengthens the neural pathway to the information. The results are compelling with students learning and remembering information far quicker than the control groups. There is a link to the project newsletter below which features quotes from Minsthorpe’s Pete Williams and Martin Royds-Jones.

Ray Henshaw

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