Principal’s Blog – 23rd June 2017

Minsthorpe The Next Generation

Minsthorpe – The Next Generation

Year 6 students from all of our primary feeder schools have been up this week taking part in the annual Murder at Minsthorpe transition activity. They are presented with an intriguing murder mystery in which one of my Leadership Team (with malice and forethought) allows a simmering bitter resentment to bubble over, causing them to murder me in a manner most foul! Year 6 students then use a whole range of detective and forensic skills during the day and piece together the clues in order to expose the murderer in a dramatic denouement. However, I pop in at the end of the session to reassure our little ones that they have not joined a college packed full of murderous staff! Next week, the Induction Days on Monday and Tuesday will see students experiencing some actual secondary lessons.

We must never forget that this is a testing time for Year 6 students – they are moving from a relatively small primary school to a college that must appear vast by comparison. As adults, a move like this would test our coping skills, so it must seem incredibly daunting for students at such a young age.

We work hard here to make the transition process as smooth as possible. Our staff are in and out of the primary schools all year long and we want the students to see our staff regularly as encountering many familiar faces help make Minsthorpe to be a welcoming place. Over the past four years we have worked ever more closely with our primary feeder schools, doing joint professional development, student support lessons and joining up our provision in terms of educational welfare, special educational needs and attendance to make sure that we are dealing with student issues before the students even arrive at Minsthorpe. For the third year in a row we have large numbers joining us in Year 7 as students, and parents, want to become part of the Minsthorpe success story.

Primary Sports Day

On Friday June 23rd we held our annual Primary Sports Day; a participation event for children in Years 2, 4 and 6. Children took part in relay races over different distances and a tug of war competition with a trophy up for grabs for the winning team. Schools who sing, dance and support in the most positive manner are also awarded a trophy for best supported school. We had DJ Dave in attendance to help with the singing and dancing in between the relays and tug of war and students and their parents had a fantastic time. It was very well attended with all of our feeder primary schools bringing teams along for the day. Our Year 12 Sport students helped to lead and manage the event and without their skills and expertise, it would not go ahead. A great day!

Minsthorpe Students – A Different Calibre

I had great pleasure in being able to send home a Mentioned in Dispatches card to one of our students this week. The girl concerned volunteers at a soup kitchen and helps the homeless. Recently she was given some money by her parents to buy some holiday clothes and was told to keep any change. What she and her friend did with the leftover money was to buy bottles of water, food and dog treats and then travel on a bus to different parts of Leeds to distribute them to homeless people who had dogs. What an amazing person! Minsthorpe is full of students like this and, when I hear about their sterling work it makes me proud.

Ray Henshaw