Principal’s Blog – 23rd October 2015

Call the fire brigade

Year 12 Public Service Students attended a morning at South Kirkby Fire Station learning about how the Fire Service operates to provide information for their coursework. Students had the opportunity to use a variety of fire station equipment as well as undertaking a physical training session with the firefighters.

Board game

On Monday October 19th 20 Year 7 students, selected for excelling in RE so far this term, took part in a media project where they will be working towards creating short media clips to form part of a new interactive game board by Wakefield District Housing (WDH). The project, working with WDH and ‘Engaging Education’, is designed to engage schools in a workshop to make students aware of the different community and religious groups across the Wakefield District, and to also develop an appreciation for what these groups do.

So far, WDH has worked with 2 primary schools to develop a board game that includes different key stops all about the Wakefield District. They are now in the second phase of the project whereby they would like to work with 3 select secondary schools to develop the interactive part of the board. We have been lucky enough to have been selected! The lucky students will produce short video clips that will be linked to the board game via QR codes and during the game, players will be able to scan these codes and see the videos to find out more about these specific steps. Minsthorpe will receive a copy of the board game as well as the media clips when complete.

Scintillating Science

The 12-day Manchester Science Festival started on October 22nd. The event is in its 9th year and visitors to the event can take part in scientific events and workshops around the city, in Salford, Bolton and across Greater Manchester. The Festival is an opportunity to bring science to life and encourage young people to be excited by and question the world around them. Just as importantly, however, the Festival is a chance for people of all ages to have fun and explore what science means to us. What better way to keep the kids busy, entertained and informed during the half term!

Ray Henshaw