Proposal to become a Teaching School

Minsthorpe Community College

Minsthorpe Community College wishes to become a teaching school. It will come as no surprise to you that I’m passionate about education, students’ learning, their achievements and the development of their character. My colleagues, parents and governors share that passion and we do everything that we reasonably can to work in partnership with others to improve the education of all of our young people. Becoming a teaching school will provide us with more capacity to do this – it will work in our favour.

Critically, the idea fits with our vision and values. It will also provide more opportunities for Minsthorpe’s teachers which, in turn, will directly benefit our students. It helps us to improve; to raise the standard of teaching in the school and expand the opportunities that we are able to offer for our students.

Like the teaching hospitals (from which this idea was born) teaching schools take a leading role in developing innovative practice and in developing the next generation of professionals by ensuring that they receive cutting edge professional development.

A teaching school must have a successful SCITT, which Minsthorpe already has in the form of the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance. Through this we are able to find and train highly qualified graduates as teachers for our students rather than rely on the lottery of advertising for qualified teachers. We can immerse them in our culture in their formative early years as trainee teachers and then as newly and recently qualified teachers. Indeed, many of our teachers have been trained by the YTCA and a significant number of these staff are themselves former Minsthorpe students, so we are truly growing our own talent!

In becoming a teaching school it means we must know what works and hence engage in educational research to the benefit our students. It means we must identify, train, develop and coach the school leaders of the future so we must also have an excellent knowledge and experience of leadership, and possess excellent role models.

It means we must reach out to other schools and, by so doing, challenge our staff to develop their skills in training, coaching and mentoring staff in our partner schools. We will be expected to develop our staff at all levels, from teacher trainees to newly qualified teachers and from middle leaders to senior leaders. Of course, the skills and the understanding they gain will be invaluable for other staff (and the students) at Minsthorpe Community College.

All of this means that at Minsthorpe Community College there is a culture of ambition, reflection and evaluation. This has not come about because we are applying to become a teaching school. It is because it already existed here that we are applying for the status. However, if we gain it, this culture is enhanced and, in turn, this will enhance the education of our students and that of the students in our partner schools.

This letter is just for your information. We hope that you will support us in our plan and take pride in being served by a teaching school in the way that patients are proud to be treated by a teaching hospital. Linked below is an FAQ sheet that should answer all of the questions that you might have. However, if you have any individual questions or queries please direct them to or address them to me, care of the college.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Henshaw

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