Printing to a local (USB / Wireless) Printer

Below is a brief guide demonstrating how to print to a local printer when connected to an Ericom remote desktop (eg. Printing to your printer connected to your home computer)

  • From your application (I’m using Word as an example), go to Print

Go To Print

  • Make sure ‘Ericom AccessNow Printer’ is selected as the printer you want to print to

Make sure Ericom AccessNow Printer is selected

  • Click ‘Print’

Click Print

  • The pop-up box above will appear, clicking ‘View’ will open the document you have just printed as a PDF on your local computer or device enabling you to print it to any printer connected to it (USB, network or Wireless)

Click View to open the document ready to be printed to any local printer

  • You can then close the tab or reader window displaying your document and go back to your remote desktop