School Uniform

What does the word ‘uniform’ mean?


  • Blazers must be formal, black and have the College badge sewn on. Fitted blazers are not allowed.
  • Sleeves should NOT be rolled up.
  • Blazers should be worn at all times.


  • Trousers should be plain black, smart with a waistband.
  • Jeans, jeggings or leggings are NOT allowed.
  • Trousers should NOT be skin tight.


  • Skirts should be plain black, straight and close to the knee in length.
  • Skirts should NOT be tight fitting (bodycon).


  • Shoes should be plain black.
  • Shoes should be plain black.
  • No trainers.
  • No pumps/canvas.
  • No heels.


  • Hairstyles must be suitable for the formal setting of school.
  • Shaved patterns or any extreme styles and colours are not allowed.


  • You may wear a wristwatch (although this will need to be removed in GCSE examinations).
  • You may also wear one small pair of gold, silver or diamante studs in your ear lobes. Stretchers are NOT allowed. Earrings MUST be removed for PE.
  • No other piercings or jewellery are allowed.

Why wear School Uniform?

  • A uniform enables the development of friendships across the college without prejudice.
  • Saves money and enables families to budget accurately.
  • Students always look presentable, are comfortable, and have increased confidence because they know they aren’t being judged by clothing and labels.
  • It gives students a sense of identity and belonging and engages pride in the college in the same way that a colours do.
  • It prepares students to dress in a ‘fit for purpose’ manner, eg. a tradesperson wearing appropriate overalls or a lawyer wearing a smart suit.
  • The process of putting the uniform on every morning helps to prepare the students mentally for the day ahead.

Standard Sanctions

  • Failure to wear correct uniform will result in CCTL detentions and/or MID room sanctions.
  • Refusal to complete MID room sanctions will result in further MID room time – exclusion is not an alternative!

Electronic Equipment

  • Mobile phones/electronic equipment should not be used at social times or anywhere around the College site.
  • There may be occasions when teachers decide to allow the use of this equipment in lessons, but this is only if permission is given by the teacher in that lesson and must not continue outside of the lesson.
  • Unauthorised and/or irresponsible usage will result in confiscation and/or further sanctions.
  • Failure to hand over an electronic item or repeated confiscation will result in an immediate MID room sanction.
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