Spencer Walker – A Tribute

Minsthorpe Community College

On Wednesday 5th October Spencer Walker passed away, surrounded by those who loved him. One moment on Monday cost him his life. However, he will be remembered for his life, not the manner of his death. You only have to look at the Memory Book that we opened for Spencer to see how he was loved by so many others and how keenly his loss has been felt. The sentiments expressed by students and staff show how much he meant to them and we mourn his passing.

Spencer was a very popular student in Year 8 and his engaging personality touched the lives of both students and staff. He was fun, energetic and liked by many of his peers. He had a fantastic personality and was full of promise.

His death has torn the heart out of his year group and it is a measure of his life, and what he meant to others, that his death has had such an impact on so many people.

A keen sportsman, he was a team player and a leader. He played rugby for Minsthorpe playing second row and was so brave in defence. He played in the Yorkshire Trophy final last year and probably put in his best defensive display notably making two try saving tackles in the second half.

Spencer was a real character who was liked by everyone. He always had a beaming smile on his face and loved to make others laugh. You never saw Spencer on his own, he was always surrounded by lots of friends who always seemed to be laughing about something. Spencer had also built strong relationships with staff, he came across as a happy young man and was a pleasure to have in the year group.

Whenever we think about Spencer at Minsthorpe, this is how we will remember him.

Ray Henshaw