Welcome Back

Hello and welcome to our Storm blog. We aim to post system updates and developments here as well as general ICT network news.

Firstly as mentioned in briefing Storm has been created as a chance to refresh the network which hasn’t had a full refresh in over 4 years. As with everything, IT systems can become cluttered with items that aren’t required or don’t exist anymore and so re-creating the network from scratch gives us the opportunity for a fresh start. The network has now been given the name Storm to allow us to morph this into a product rather than a group of settings, at this stage of development we need to start looking forward and marketing what we have at Minsthorpe as a product and generating revenue… Hopefully Storm will allow this.

Storm Blog Image 1

Some of the main features that Storm 1.0 includes are…

  • The latest versions of Windows 7 and Office 2013
  • Major changes to staff permissions on desktops to keep your usage streamlined and increase the flexibility of your usage for those who want this
  • The latest laptop build will include very little security restrictions, we believe as professionals you should be allowed this but please keep your usage responsible
  • Support for Firefly
  • Improved login speed
  • Latest corporate imagery
  • Improved Windows 8 support

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Some of the other updates around site that happened over the summer are…

  • 22 new Toshiba Windows 8 tablets added to Maths
  • 32 new Toshiba Windows 8 tablets added to Science
  • 16 new Toshiba Windows 8 tablets added to Humanities
  • 16 new iPad mini’s added to English
  • 16 new Google ChromeBooks added to Pastoral
  • Extra wireless density added to Maths and Science to meet extra demands of the new mobile devices
  • Sanako language lab deployed across site to build on the success of last year’s deployment and usage
  • 20 new Toshiba laptops purchased for Humanities, RE and Leadership (I will be in touch with department heads to arrange the changeover)
  • Firefly setup and migration of work from itslearning – the Migration is still ongoing and we’ll continue to work with Firefly to ensure all required data is migrated from itslearning
  • New Sims Server installed and ready to be migrated when all laptops are migrated to Storm
  • Website Updated
  • Audio Visual installs across ST and work alongside the Premise team to re-instate services post building works
  • Install new ICT suite in ICT 11 with the very latest in 23” all-in-one touch desktop technology
  • Clickview video library setup – Training for the usage of this system will be advertised shortly

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Overall the system has performed well so far. We have a couple of minor issues affecting some users relating to shortcuts, missing printers, software and Folder access permissions. We are working hard to rectify these problems and will patch the system appropriately. Our biggest challenge currently is for Sims to successfully work on both Storm and laptops/desktops that haven’t been rebuilt yet. Once we are certain we have a solution to this we will commence rebuilding Admin desktops and Staff laptops.

As always I’d like to encourage all staff to use the ICT Helpdesk for support whenever possible.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding with the system changes and a big thanks to my team who have put a lot of hard work in over the summer period and continue to now.

Scott Lynch
ICT Manager