Student Voice

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2015-16 has seen an evolution of the College’s successful and long-established system of Student Voice. With the aim of increasing participation and student engagement, all students have been invited to play a stronger voluntary role in decision making at the College.

To be eligible for the Student Council, students have to have committed to attending one of the College’s newly established a College Action Teams (CATs). These are focus groups led and formed by students interested in developing the College’s promotional work, fundraising and Home Learning. The College hope to see additional CATS established in the future around agenda items that the students identify. Staff simply play a facilitating role in ensuring the CAT meetings run smoothly. The Post 16 Leadership Team support these CATS in drawing up their Action Plans and these will then be shared with the Leadership team and College Governors on a termly basis. Members of the CATs will review the impact of their work and determine the priorities identified by students, for students.

The Student Council is the body of 12 students who were successfully elected in October to represent their College, often acting as the ‘Student Voice’ for their Year Group and at important events such as Open Evenings and Presentations within both the College and in the Community. The Student Council is formed from 2 representatives from years 7 to 11 and chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl in Post 16.

Being a member of either a CAT or the Student Council is a privilege and an honour, and we hugely value the work of these students who contribute invaluable ideas, working with staff to move our College forward.