Supporting Students With Medical Conditions

Minsthorpe Community College wishes to ensure that students with medical conditions receive appropriate care and support at school. The range of policies employed by the College ensure that the Department for Education’s guidance released in April 2014 – "Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions" is met. We endeavour to meet the ranging needs of students with SEND and this includes children with medical conditions.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive College where all students regardless of medical conditions have the same opportunities as others. Minsthorpe Community College works hard to ensure that all students can access education by making reasonable adjustments to support individual needs. We will work with young people, families and other agencies to ascertain how best we can meet these needs.

The College makes sure all staff understand their duty of care to children and young people in the event of an emergency. All staff feel confident in knowing what to do in an emergency and key staff are trained to use EVAC Chairs to ensure students can be speedily evacuated from upper levels in an emergency.

This College understands that certain medical conditions are debilitating and potentially life threatening, particularly if poorly managed or misunderstood. General Office staff and a range of other key workers are Emergency Aid trained and this opportunity is offered annually to widen this further. Epipen training is delivered regularly by the school nurse to all staff. Equally risk assessments are completed as needs are identified and staff are informed of the measures needed to ensure students are safe and a medical support plan will be created if a serious risk is apparent.

This College understands the importance of medication and care is taken as directed by healthcare professionals and parents. Annual Medical consent forms are sought from parents to update medical information and keep young people safe. The General Office staff store and support with the administration of medicines as and when a child needs.

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