Technology Contribution

  • Textiles at KS3 and KS4
  • Post 16 Product Design
  • Product Design KS3 and KS4


Firstly, we would like to thank everyone that supported us this last academic year, your financial support allowed us to provide high quality materials, as well as inspiring practical projects for the students that we teach.

We again politely request a contribution towards the cost of materials used in each subject area. This contribution enables us to provide students with a far superior and quality experience.

This will of course mean that all the products that the students make this year will have been paid for so can be brought home at no extra cost. This payment does not include Food Technology so ingredients for this subject will still need to be provided from home at every age level.

We always welcome all donations of unwanted materials for example fabric, thread, wood, metals or acrylic. This enables us to minimise or reduce student contributions in the future.

More specific details about how the contribution is used and the amount, including how to pay are included in each Key Stage letter below.

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Key Stage 3 Levy Letter Download File
Key Stage 4 Levy Letter Download File
Key Stage 5 Levy Letter Download File