A-Level Physics – Gender Balance

The science department are taking part in a research project run by the Institute of Physics which aims to improve the gender balance of pupils taking A-Level physics. This will involve us sending some data about your child to the IOP. Full details are available in the letter below, along with an opt out form to complete and return to Miss Middleton in S5 if you do not wish for your child’s data to be used.

Improving Gender Balance Programme letter

New College Year 2019

Minsthorpe Community College

Dear Parents and Carers

We would like to welcome you to the new College year at Minsthorpe Community College and hope you and your families have had an enjoyable summer.

We are looking forward to seeing the students again next week at the following times:

  • Year 7 arrive at 8.25am on Wednesday 4th September.
  • Year 8 – 11 arrive at Snack Break 1 on Wednesday 4th September. (Students are asked not to arrive on site until 10.25am)
  • Year 12 & 13 sign in and collect timetables from Post 16 Common Room at 8.25am on Thursday 5th September.

We know you will join us in congratulating our Post 16 and Year 11 students on their great ‘A’ Level, Vocational and GCSE results this summer. We feel very proud of their achievements and wish them well as they progress onto the next stage of their education. We are delighted that so many of last year’s Year 11 students have chosen to return to Minsthorpe Post 16. Many young people will be starting at university, whilst others are beginning apprenticeships or entering the world of employment. Exciting times!

We would like to thank the parents, carers and staff who have supported students during the challenges of their examinations and indeed throughout their five/seven years at the College. Excellent outcomes are only achieved through an enormous team effort as we state in our new vision and mission statements for the College:

Minsthorpe Community College: A place where everyone plays a part in strengthening our learning community through motivation, commitment and care. At Minsthorpe, we value the contribution our Caring parent body makes to their child’s education, as we work together to motivate and support each student in reaching their full potential. We want parents and carers to work with us in ensuring their child is safe and happy. We expect the full commitment of parents and carers in ensuring their child attends regularly and on time; completes home learning; wears the correct uniform; is fully equipped and ready to learn and behave the Minsthorpe Way.

Last year was a memorable year for the College as it reached its 50th birthday. As you read in the first edition of our newsletter ‘Team Minsthorpe’, our students were involved in many fantastic educational opportunities and we know that the coming year will be equally exciting. We look forward to beginning the term as Joint Principals, to welcoming you to the College and to working together to ensure that your child’s time at Minsthorpe Community College is the best it can be.

List of important dates and events Download File

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Gilmore

Mrs R Merritt

Exam Results Days 2019

Exam Results Days 2019

The arrangements for collecting results for GCSE, A Level and BTEC (Level 1, 2 & 3) courses are listed below:

GCE and Level 3 BTEC Results Day – Thursday 15th August 2019

Results will be available to collect as follows:

Year Time Location
Post 16 (Level 3) 8.30am – 11.30am Post 16 Café

GCSE and Level 1/2 BTEC Results Day – Thursday 22nd August 2019

Results will be available to collect as follows:

Year Time Location
Year 11 8.30am – 11.30am Post 16 Café
Post 16 (GCSE re-sits and Level 1/2) 8.30am – 11.30am Post 16 Café
Year 10 11.00am Post 16 Café

If you are unable to collect you results you can have them:

Collected by another person

If you want a friend/family member to collect your results, the person must bring a signed letter of permission from you (including your full name and date of birth) and some form of self-identification (photo ID) with them.

Posted Out

If you require your results to be posted out, you must bring a stamped address envelope to the Exams Office.


If you require your results to be emailed, please email crady@minsthorpe.cc (including your full name and date of birth)

Collection of Certificates

Presentation Evening will be held on Thursday 27th November 2019, where students will be presented with their qualification certificates.

If students are unable to attend the evening, then they can be collected from the Exams Office after this date by the student.

If students are unable to collect their certificates in person a family member/friend can collect on your behalf, a hand written note must be provided (including full name and date of birth) and ID shown by the person collecting certificates. Students must also ring the Exams Office in advance and inform us of the person collecting certificates. (This is the only way we are allowed to give certificates out for students that are unable to collect their own.)

Summer Term Non-Uniform Day – Thursday 18th July

Minsthorpe Community College

The Student Leadership Team has decided to hold a non-uniform day in support of Diversity Week and causes chosen by the College Action Team, this includes supporting a group of Minsthorpe students attending an international dance competition.

The charge for all students attending College in non-uniform is £1.00.

We must stress the following:

  • No fancy dress
  • No hats for students in Key Stage 3 and 4
  • No extremes of fashion including clothing which has slogans/offensive writing or innuendo
  • No excessively high heels
  • No jewellery other than simple stud earrings

Mr D Lloyd
(Associate Assistant Principal)
On behalf of the College and the Student Leadership Team

Sports Day – Friday 5th July 2019

Minsthorpe Community College

Our annual Sports Day will be taking place on Friday 5th July. We would like to ask for your support in ensuring that your child comes prepared to get maximum enjoyment out of the day.

Guidance for students in Year 7, 8 and 9

  • The start and finish times of the college day will remain the same.
  • Students should come to college in their Minsthorpe PE kit.
  • They should come prepared for all weather possibilities; bringing sun cream, a water bottle, a waterproof top, an umbrella, a towel and two spare kits.
  • Students should bring something in their P&A colour to change into for the afternoon.

For the events in the afternoon, students in Years 7 – 9 are asked simply to wear a colour to match the rest of their P&A group. We do not encourage families to spend money on fancy dress outfits.

Guidance for students in Year 10

  • The start and finish times of the college day will remain the same.
  • Students should come to college in their outfit for the day.
  • They should come prepared for all weather possibilities; bringing sun cream, a water bottle, a waterproof top, a towel and two spare outfits.

Guidance for Post 16 Students

  • Friday 5th July is a study day for Post 16 students. If Post 16 students wish to study on site, they need to sign in and out at the Post 16 study centre.

Many students in Year 7, 8, and 9 have expressed an interest in applying face paint in the afternoon, as have Year 10. If you do not wish your child to apply face paint, please complete the slip and return to his/her P&A mentor. Please ensure that if your child is intending to apply face paint that they are not allergic to it and that it is non-permanent. If you are not certain then please inform your child not to apply it. In line with the ban on aerosols in College, under no circumstances may students use hairspray.

Please can we ask for your support in ensuring that Year 10 outfits are appropriate and safe for physical activity in a college environment? Any student wishing to wear a morph suit as part of their fancy dress must wear a pair of shorts as well.

You are reminded that this is an event for students only. In the interests of safeguarding, parents/other adults will not be allowed to spectate. On a final note, we need to emphasise that Sports Day is normal day in terms of attendance and any unauthorised absence will be followed up in the usual manner. If your child does not wish to take part in sporting activities, please contact his/her Year Office as other arrangements can be made. We thank you for your support and look forward to another fantastic day.

Yours sincerely,

Mr M Mann

Mr M Gilmore

Mrs R Merritt

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Minsthorpe Community College Present A Collaborative Artwork: Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell Artwork

Wakefield Cathedral for Artwalk Wakefield
Wednesday 29th May, 5-9pm

Year 10 and year 12 students from Minsthorpe Community College in South Elmsall have been working with local artist Alice Withers and Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a project for Yorkshire Sculpture International – the upcoming sculpture festival happening across Leeds and Wakefield this summer.

Each student has contributed to a collaborative artwork by making a wax brick embedded with objects and hidden meanings which has been assembled into one artwork by Alice.

Join us on Wednesday 29th May to see this new work for the first time!

Here’s more info on Artwalk Wakefield: https://www.artwalk.org.uk/

Here’s more info on Yorkshire Sculpture International: https://yorkshire-sculpture.org/

Re-visit To Wakefield Local Area From Monday 3 June To Tuesday 4 June 2019


Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will carry out jointly a re-visit of your local area following the previous inspection that took place between 12 and 16 June 2017.

The re-visit will evaluate how effectively leaders have addressed the areas of serious weaknesses detailed in the written statement of action (WSOA).

During the re-visit, Ofsted and CQC inspectors will be keen to speak to as many children and young people and their parents and carers as possible, specifically about the weaknesses identified in the WSOA.

Inspectors will consider whether the local area has made sufficient progress in addressing significant weaknesses in arrangements for specialist clinical diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).

How can local children, young people, parents and carers contribute their views during this local area re-visit?

There are several ways in which children, young people, parents and carers from your provision can engage with the re-visit process and contribute their views.

The inspectors will gather the contributions of parents and families through an online survey and a face-to-face open meeting. The focus of the online survey and open meeting will be set by the inspectors and will be based on the WSOA.

1. Parents and carers who would like to take part in this survey can follow this internet link: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/WakefieldRe-VisitLASEND/

The survey will open at 12 noon on Friday 24 May close at 12 noon on Monday 3 June 2019.

Parents and carers can submit their contributions via the online survey using the link provided above.

2. An open meeting, which will focus on areas identified in the WSOA, will take place on Monday 3 June at 6:15pm at Kingswood Suite, Town Hall, Wood Street, Wakefield, WF1 2HQ. Parents and carers can contact their local Parent Carer Forum to request details of how to be part of the discussions between parents and carers and the Ofsted/CQC re-visit team.

Details about the local area SEND re-visit will be available on your local authority’s website and distributed through the local area’s Clinical Commissioning Group/s (CCGs).

Information gathered during the re-visit

During this re-visit, inspectors may collect information about children and young people in the area. They may look at local area records, speak to area officers and leaders at educational settings, and speak to children, young people and parents or carers. No names will be recorded, but some of the information collected may identify a particular child, young person or adult. Ofsted and the CQC will use this information to prepare their re-visit outcomes letter, and for the purposes set out in their privacy notices. No information will be published that identifies any individual in the outcomes letter.

If you wish to know more about how we use the information, please see our privacy notice relating to LASEND on our website. If you have any concerns about our use of personal data, please email informationrequest@ofsted.gov.uk and/or the CQC at information.access@cqc.org.uk.

Information on Ofsted’s and the CQC’s privacy notices is available on the links below:

While we recognise that many parents and carers may have views on their experience that extend beyond the focus of the WSOA, we would like parents and carers to understand that the focus of the inspectors during the re-visit will only be the serious weaknesses identified at the previous inspection. The re-visit team will consider how well leaders have addressed each of the areas of serious weaknesses detailed in the WSOA. We will not be able to follow up or comment upon individual cases.

You will find information on local areas’ duties towards children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities on the Department for Education’s website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/send-guide-for-parents-and-carers.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Whittaker
Her Majesty’s Inspector

Early Closure – Friday 12th April 2019

Minsthorpe Community College

At Easter, Minsthorpe Community College will be saying farewell to our Principal Ray Henshaw, following his announcement in January of his intention to retire.

From the beginning of the Summer Term, Minsthorpe Community College will be led by two Joint Principals – Mr Mark Gilmore and Mrs Rachael Merritt, currently long serving Vice Principals at the College. Mr Gilmore and Mrs Merritt will write to all parents at the beginning of the Summer Term, to reassure all students and parents of the smooth transition through the changes College faces this year.

In order for staff to gather as a school body to wish Mr Henshaw well, I would like to announce the early closure of College on the last day of the Spring Term.

College will close at 12.20pm on Friday 12th April 2019.

There will be grab bags available for students eligible for a free school lunch. Arrangements for ordering these will be given to students. We will arrange for the buses to arrive at 12.25pm.

I am sending you this information early to allow plenty of advanced warning and the time to make alternative supervision arrangements for your child. Of course, this arrangement will not suit everyone and, if you cannot arrange for your child to be looked after, the College will be fully staffed until after 2.30pm and supervision will be arranged for any students who cannot leave early.

If you would like to take advantage of this option could you please contact your child’s CCTL to inform them that you need your child supervising and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure their safe supervision.

Start of Term arrangements – Summer Term 2019

We are aware many of our feeder primary schools have slightly different Easter Holiday dates from Minsthorpe Community.

For clarification – Minsthorpe Community College will:

  • close on Friday 12th April 2019 at 12:20pm
  • open on Monday 29th April 2019 at 8:30am

Your support of the College is always appreciated, and I am sure this will continue during the coming months.

Yours faithfully

Mrs B Semper
Chair of Governor

Post 16 Parents Evening – Thursday 28th March 2019

Parents Evening System Logo

The Post 16 Parents’ Evening is to be held on Thursday 28 March 2019 from 3.30pm – 7pm. The event will be held in the Science and Technology Block.

This will provide an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teachers to discuss their progress. We (the Post 16 Pastoral team) will also be available should you wish to discuss any issues with us, as well as the Careers Lead, Mr Dowey, who will be available on a ‘drop in’ basis for consultation and advice about University applications and career planning.

We very much look forward to seeing you on this evening, but would remind parents that even if they are not able to attend, all students are expected to attend and have one-to-one discussions with staff (as stated on the Learning Contract).

We ask that you make an appointment with your child’s teachers via the ‘Parents Evening’ System (please see instructions below). If you would like to call to make an appointment, please contact the College.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs S Lewis
Assistant Principal Post 16

Mr D Lloyd
CCTL Post 16

Mrs S Marshall
ACCTL Post 16

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Parents’ Guide For Booking Appointments Download File