Getting To Know… Mrs Evans

Getting To Know... Mrs Evans

Nickname: Knickers

Place of Birth: Huddersfield

Favourite Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 7

Favourite TV Show: Game Of Thrones/Mad Men

Favourite Song at the Moment: ‘Budapest’ George Ezra

Favourite Smell: Waffles

Favourite Holiday Destination: Bruge (Just been – it’s fab!)

Favourite Shop: Aldi/Home Bargains

Favourite Animal: My dog Daniel the Spaniel

Favourite Film: Goonies/Bad Santa/Bladerunner/In Bruge

Favourite Book: Any design/craft book

Favourite App: Shazam

Game Review: SCP Containment Breach

SCP Containment Breach

This week’s review is of the indie horror game SCP Containment Breach which first appeared in April 2012 and has been available since for free, even up to now where the game still receives updates adding additional content to game and fixing issues.

The main story of the game is based around the creepy pasta story of the SCP foundation which is meant to be an organisation that takes the weird and possible life threatening objects and creatures which shouldn’t be allowed into the open world. In the game you play as a Class D member who is used by the foundation to interact with ‘SCPs’ (Objects or creature with mysterious abilities which the facility tests) to try and understand them, but on what would usually be a normal check-up on SCP-173 turns into a disaster and the creature escapes along with many of the other locked away creatures which start to move around the underground facility. You are set with the task of escaping the facility alive while trying to recapture some of the more dangerous SCPs so that they don’t reach the surface, although that’s optional.

The game runs on a randomised map generator which makes it very unlikely you’ll play the same map twice though some rooms are pre-set so that story can play out properly. The main objective in-game and key to survival is management of your items, as some items are needed more than others but you also need to pay attention to your eye status as over time your eyes will dry out and you will need to blink which is vital to remember when you come across SCP-173 as it only moves when you aren’t observing it. But you can use your space bar to manual blink and refill your eye status meter which can be used tactually when near certain SCPs such as SCP-096 which you should never look at. The game has many SCPs for you to encounter with some being helpful items with effects while other may straight out kill you.

However the further you move into underground foundation the more you will learn about the SCPs and how to cope with them as the facility documents them. Also, as you move deeper, the game will become more hostile as the story progresses with two of the main SCPs aiming to find you and kill you. But even if you make it towards the end of the game you have to beware of the Nine Tail fox group who are trained, armed guards tasked with securing the facility and killing any personnel found within the facility so they don’t escape but don’t believe the SCPs will get them as they are trained on how to handle and avoid each one if they should encounter them.

Overall the game has a good wealth of content especially considering how the game is free but it has a level of difficulty that usually forces players to use its save ability in order to finish it, but if you can take the challenge the game also has a mode with no saving allowed to test real horror game players who want to test their skill. The negatives to this game are mainly due to its graphical quality but that’s down to its limited budget which it’s made on along with the odd bug in the game which may cause your character to fall through the floor, but that can be fixed by just loading the game again or using the console command for no clip. Recent updates to the game help fix bugs and add content which gives many users a reason to return to the game to play again if not for a good scare. Overall I would give SCP Containment Breach a solid 7/10.

Samuel Whittaker

Book Review: The Miniaturist

The Miniaturist

In the winter of 1686, the 18-year-old Petronella Oortman arrives in Amsterdam, the new wife of the wealthy, charismatic merchant Johannes Brandt – a man who she barely knows. Greeted only by his frosty sister Marin, it’s not the best of starts, and it gets progressively stranger as her new husband avoids consummating their marriage and presents her instead with an extravagant gift – a miniature replica of their own cloistered, controlled home.

Humiliated, she appeals to a miniaturist to furnish it. But as the parcels start arriving: the exquisite mini items somehow begin to mimic and foretell the events unfolding in the house. Secrets are starting to reveal themselves and betrayals are bringing danger. Nella starts to become increasingly obsessed with the cryptic miniaturist, uncertain if they are a prophet, guide or spy.

It’s a compelling premise for Burton’s debut novel, and she handles it with confidence. Her backdrop of a Calvinist Amsterdam is simply a fascinating place of contradictions, a trading city full of hypocritical priests, where greed and puritanism sit uneasily together. Even Marin, a vision of piety who sneers at Nella’s love of marzipan because sugar "makes people’s souls sick", badgers her brother to sell it and scoffs candied walnuts on the sly.

Getting To Know… Mrs Cooper

Getting To Know... Mrs Cooper

Nickname: Scoop

Place of Birth: Barnsley

Favourite Colour: Red

Lucky Number: 6

Favourite TV Show: Scott & Bailey/X Factor

Favourite Song at the Moment: ‘All About That Bass’ Meghan Trainor

Favourite Smell: Freshly cut grass

Favourite Holiday Destination: Greece

Favourite Shop: M&S

Favourite Animal: Dog – mine is Jasper

Favourite Film: Educating Rita

Favourite Book: ‘1984’ George Orwell

Favourite App: I don’t have one

Getting To Know… Mr MacIntyre

Getting To Know... Mr MacIntyre

Nickname: Mac

Place of Birth: Mexborough

Favourite Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 8

Favourite TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favourite Song at the Moment: ‘What Have We Become’ Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott

Favourite Quote: "People who have favourite quotes are full of their own importance!" Mr MacIntyre

Favourite Smell: Freshly Baked Bread

Favourite Holiday Destination: West Coast USA

Favourite Shop: eBay/Aldi

Favourite Animal: Marmot/Golden Eagle

Favourite Film: Predator

Favourite Book: ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles’ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Favourite App: BBC Sport

Competition Time

Competition Time

Fancy a chance to feature on the school magazine? The team at Blog 16 invite you to take part in our contest to get your photo placed on the front cover of our winter issue (coming out in two weeks’ time). Your entry has got to have a Winter/Christmas theme and be a high quality colour photograph (JPEG). Your photograph must be sent to by Tuesday 2nd of December. Good Luck!

Getting To Know… Mr Yates

Getting To Know... Mr Yates

Name: Mr Yates

Date of Birth: 25/5/71

Favourite Colour: Black

Lucky Number: 0

Favourite TV Show: The Wire

Favourite Song at the Moment: ‘Sticks That Made Thunder’ The Steeldrivers

Favourite Smell: Beer

Favourite Holiday Destination: Las Vegas

Favourite Shop: Evans Cycles

Favourite Animal: Gorilla

Favourite Film: The Godfather

Favourite Book: ‘Borstal Boy’ Brendan Behan

Favourite App: Betfair

Game Review: Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy

This week’s review is of older indie platform game which has been around since mid-2013 on PC but has recently been re-released for the PlayStation consoles on July 29, 2014.

Like most indie games, Rogue Legacy tries to make itself unique from other games on the market. The game achieves this with its system of swapping out the player character for a randomly selected ‘heir’, once the original player character dies. But not every hero is born the same as they come with traits which could either help or hinder your progression through the game, such as colour blindness (turning the world black and white) or dwarfism (which makes your player character smaller than average).

In the game the castle you travel through is always randomly generated, unless you acquire the architect’s services early on where he can lock down the layout of castle from your previous run at the expense of receiving 40% less gold while in the castle which makes him useful for attempting to challenge the bosses if you find their rooms. During each character playthrough you will be set to try and collect as much gold as possible whilst also trying to find the bosses to fight in order to progress towards the end of the game. When picking your heir you have to take into consideration the traits they may have and what class they are, as each class acts and performs differently.

There are 3 starting classes to choose from, including: warriors, who have higher strength; mages, who can make use of advanced spells; and assassins, who have various stealth techniques and increased critical hit damage. These classes can be upgraded and new ones can be unlocked as you move through the game by buying them. The games castle is laid out so that it gets increasingly difficult the further away you move from the first room, with the Castle being the easiest, moving into the Forest on the far right of the map. Higher level areas such as the Maya and the Darkness are not suggested until you upgrade your hero.

The game manages to keep itself entertaining and fresh with its randomised layout and characters, plus the large variety of enemy types keeps combat exciting. The many secrets that can be uncovered throughout the Castle provide an interesting change of pace when compared with combat. Collectible armour and runes keep the player engaged and serve as swappable upgrades in addition to the permanent upgrades that can be gained.

The game can become tedious over time to most players as you need to constantly play and earn enough gold to acquire the upgrades you need as the majority of gold earned is taken by the frustrating gatekeeper upon entering the Castle. Aside from this and a few bugs, the game plays well and is fun to play, I’d recommend the game for anyone interested in a well-rounded and fun to play adventure, with a unique spin on character generation.

Samuel Whittaker

Update: Charity Week & Student Leadership


As we are in the midst of Charity Week, we thought it was important to give you a quick update as to how things are going. So far through the week we have had a variety of interesting and fun events taking place such as a Pub Quiz, Darts, the Student 5-a-side football match, Raffles and Tombolas, a Taste Test Challenge, Charity Car Washes, a Gameathon and the Post 16 Vs Staff match. We still have many more events left for you to donate and participate in.

On Thursday we have the Monarchy memory challenge, a "Which country is it?" challenge and Disney Time (movie and a quiz)

On Friday we have our non-school uniform day where student can come to school in their own clothes. Post 16 students can come up in fancy dress (as their favourite Disney character) or in smart dress.

Throughout the week we have the "guess the amount of sweets in the jar" challenge and the Leadership Ice Bucket Challenge where students can nominate a member of the leadership team to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge and the video will then be posted online.

On behalf of Staff, the Post 16 Leadership team and the Student council we would like to say thank you to all students who have supported the charities during this week.

As this week has been charities week, some of the leadership’s time has been dedicated to this and how we are able to support it. We have delegated roles to members of the leadership team and have at least one member of the leadership team at each event, both to supervise, to help out and to collect the money raised.

In addition to this we have also been focusing on the Post 16 Café and how to improve the service that it provides to Post 16 students. A questionnaire was devised and given out to Post 16 students to fill in. This questionnaire not only asked questions about the Café but also Post 16 itself, such as "Why they stayed here".

Other interests to the team are:

  • The Minsthorpe stall at the careers event
  • The Year 7 helping hands programme
  • The Post 16 parents evening
  • And how students can become more involved in teaching and learning

Feature: Driving?

Inside Car

Choosing an instructor;

DSA in Great Britain and DVA in Northern Ireland approve instructors, who are then able to teach learner drivers in return for payment. These instructors have their standards checked regularly.

Approved driving instructors (AdIs) must;

  • Pass a series of difficult examinations
  • Reach a high standard of instruction
  • Be registered with the DSA Or DVA
  • Display an ADI’s certificate while giving professional driving instruction (except in Northern Island)

These professional driving instructors will give you guidance on;

  • Your practical skills
  • How to study and practise
  • When you’re ready for your tests
  • Further training after your practical test under the Pass Plus scheme (not applicable in Northern Island)

Booking your Theory;

  • Visit to book your theory test online
  • If you have any special needs for the theory test, call 0300 200 1122
  • If you have hearing or speech difficulties and use a Mincom machine, call 0300 200 116

You’ll need your;

  • DVLA or DVA driving licence number
  • Credit or debit card details (the card holder must book the test). We accept Mastercard, Visa, Delta and Visa Electron
  • You’ll be given a booking number and you’ll receive an appointment email on the same day if you book online.