Great Work Done By Our Year 8 Students

Minsthorpe Community College

With support and guidance from Our L4L staff team our Year 8 students have been doing some great research for their KS4 choices. They have been looking into the different GCSE options available to them, finding out about skills and career pathways that their GCSE’s can be useful for. On Tuesday 6th February some members of our staff team volunteered to undertake 1-1 Interviews with our Year 8 students, looking at what options they are thinking of studying, and discussing the research they have recorded in their work books.

The feeling from the staff who took part was that the students had done some excellent work with their research.

Monday 5th March – College Open


UPDATED 04/03/2018

Dear Parents/Carers

The weather forecast for Monday is fine so the College will be open. We look forward to getting back to normal. The Year 11 mock examinations will continue as per the published schedule and we will set out a new programme for the examinations that were missed last week due to the closure.

Mr R Henshaw

College Closure – Friday 2nd March


Dear Parents/Carers

Having inspected the site and the surrounding area we are forced to close today. The areas cleared yesterday are covered in sheet ice and the pavements leading to the college are very slippery. Many of our students walk and I cannot guarantee their safety getting to College or moving around our large site. Apologies. We intend to open as normal on Monday March 5th. Please keep an eye on the website.

Mr R Henshaw

Friday 2nd March – Decision By 6:30am


Dear Parents/Carers

At present we hope to open the College tomorrow morning but it is a tough call and we will make a final decision by 06:30 tomorrow morning. The picture locally is mixed tomorrow with some schools already announcing that they are closed but others, like us, are aiming to open if they can. Local conditions and travel conditions in the morning will guide my decision.

Snow is not likely to be a problem tomorrow but ice will be – with a very hard frost forecast overnight. If this threatens to make the walk (or drive) to College treacherous I will err on the side of caution as I do not want students hurting themselves slipping over (or a car involved in an accident) when the journey might have been avoided. Equally, we have staff coming from all over West Yorkshire travelling to work and it makes no sense for us to open if many of these end up stuck on untreated side roads or stuck in traffic jams because then we cannot safely supervise the students who are in.

Equally, like you, if staff have children in schools that are closed they may need to stay at home to provide child care. In situations like this I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t – but please be assured that my decision will be based on keeping staff, students and parents safe. These are extraordinary conditions and I hope that you appreciate that if a decision is taken to close the College, it is never taken lightly.

Mr R Henshaw

School Closure – Thursday 1st March


Dear Parents/Carers

The College will be closed on Thursday March 1st. We know now that 9 staff will be absent in the morning and the overnight forecast suggests the likelihood of a treacherous journey in for staff, students and parents in the morning. Even without knowing who can/cannot get in to College in the morning, we already know that we cannot adequately staff lessons. Many apologies but, in the interest of safety, I have decided to close the College now.

We hope to be open on Friday March 2nd – but please monitor the College website for updates.

Mr R Henshaw

School Closure – Wednesday 28th February


Dear Parents/Carers

Apologies for the late closure decision today. 18 staff were stuck in traffic trying to get in and we did not know until 07:30 that we could not safely supervise the students in school. We will make a decision by 07:00 tomorrow if we can open tomorrow – based on local weather conditions – please check the school website and the School Gateway app in the morning. A text will also be sent out. Again, apologies but at 07:00 we could open but by 07:30 we could not.

Mr R Henshaw

Year 7 Home Learning

Minsthorpe Community College

Dear Year 7 Parents/Carers,

We have been incredibly proud of how the majority of Year 7 students have started their secondary school career. They have settled into life at Minsthorpe Community College and are making good progress which is very pleasing.

It is important that students get into good habits and routines with regard to Home Learning. This develops a strong approach to independent learning that will improve their preparation for key examinations in future years. We feel that a new approach to how we monitor, reward and sanction students across all subjects is the best way in which we can support their progress.

We feel that students who consistently meet deadlines and submit home learning to an acceptable standard deserve rewarding. This consistency will be celebrated each half term in a rewards assembly with certificates and prize draws.

If Year 7 students fail to meet home learning deadlines they will be followed up consistently by College. This will be recorded and the student spoken to by the CCTL when two deadlines are missed. The aim is to implement support at this stage to ensure that students miss no further home learning deadlines. If a student fails to meet three deadlines across all subjects then a two hour detention will be set in which they will be expected to complete missed work.

Meeting deadlines is a key life skill students must develop therefore, except in exceptional circumstances such as absence, there will no longer be leeway on this.

How can you help your child?

  • Encourage them to record home learning tasks and deadlines in their planner as directed by their teacher
  • Regularly talk with your child and check their planner to identify the tasks and deadlines
  • Create an environment, free from distraction, for your child to complete home learning tasks
  • Encourage your child to access the after College home learning support in Curriculum Areas

Further information regarding home learning set by curriculum areas can be found in the ‘Year 7 Home Learning Information’ booklet on the College website.

If you wish to discuss this further, then please do not hesitate to contact the College. Thank you for your continued support with this important aspect of school life.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Williams
CTL Science

Mrs E Patton
CCTL Year 7


Spring Term Non-Uniform Day – Friday 2nd February 2018

NSPCC Number Day 2018

The Student Leadership Team has decided to hold a Non-Uniform Day in support of NSPCC Number Day and causes chosen by the College Action Teams.

The charge for all students attending College in non-uniform is £1.00.

We must stress the following:

  • No fancy dress
  • No hats for students in Key Stage 3 and 4
  • No extremes of fashion including clothing which has slogans/offensive writing or innuendo
  • No excessively high heels
  • No jewellery other than simple stud earrings

Thank you once again for assisting your child and the College in supporting such worthy causes.

Mr D Lloyd
(Associate Assistant Principal)
On behalf of the College and the Student Council

Construction Work At Minsthorpe

Construction Plan

The college successfully bid for £2m from the government’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) last year to continue work on upgrading its ageing CLASP buildings. CLASP buildings went up everywhere in the 1970s and were typified by flooding (due to their flat roofs) and were plagued by problems connected with asbestos and typically suffered from having rotting door/window frames and cold internal temperatures during the winter. The money we have secured will allow us to bring the central area of the college (Admin Block/Social-Vocational Education and the Main Hall) up to the same high specification as the frontage of the college and to install pitched roofs to make this area watertight as well as new doors, windows and a new external envelope to make the temperature in the building more comfortable. All will match the existing grey/blue external envelope of the areas that we have been upgrading in phases over the past 6 years.

We have chosen a highly experienced contractor when it comes to working on live school sites and they have acceded to all of our safeguarding stipulations. The contractors will be working on the building in fenced-off compounds to ensure that students do not come into contact with the building site. Of course there will be some disruption over the course of the 20 week programme of works but everything will be done to keep this to a minimum. You will find a link here to a letter from the main contractor.

Bit by bit the college is being upgraded with the only CLASP buildings now left being Carnegie, the Maths Block and the Sports Hall. In December 2017 we made a further bid to the CIF to move on to the Carnegie next and will know by May 2018 if the bid has been successful or not.

Ray Henshaw

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