Construction Work At Minsthorpe

Construction Plan

The college successfully bid for £2m from the government’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) last year to continue work on upgrading its ageing CLASP buildings. CLASP buildings went up everywhere in the 1970s and were typified by flooding (due to their flat roofs) and were plagued by problems connected with asbestos and typically suffered from having rotting door/window frames and cold internal temperatures during the winter. The money we have secured will allow us to bring the central area of the college (Admin Block/Social-Vocational Education and the Main Hall) up to the same high specification as the frontage of the college and to install pitched roofs to make this area watertight as well as new doors, windows and a new external envelope to make the temperature in the building more comfortable. All will match the existing grey/blue external envelope of the areas that we have been upgrading in phases over the past 6 years.

We have chosen a highly experienced contractor when it comes to working on live school sites and they have acceded to all of our safeguarding stipulations. The contractors will be working on the building in fenced-off compounds to ensure that students do not come into contact with the building site. Of course there will be some disruption over the course of the 20 week programme of works but everything will be done to keep this to a minimum. You will find a link here to a letter from the main contractor.

Bit by bit the college is being upgraded with the only CLASP buildings now left being Carnegie, the Maths Block and the Sports Hall. In December 2017 we made a further bid to the CIF to move on to the Carnegie next and will know by May 2018 if the bid has been successful or not.

Ray Henshaw

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Bags Of Help – Vote For Minsthorpe


Tesco uses some of the money raised by the sale of plastic bags to fund local environmental projects. Becky Smith, from the Design Team, submitted a bid to convert an unused quad area in DT into a growing space for fruit and vegetables so that students can see how food is grown and taste what they plant.

The good news is that the Minsthorpe bid has reached the final three and will be voted on by visitors to the Hemsworth Tesco store in January and February 2018. Just by making the final three, Minsthorpe will win £1,000 towards funding the project but, if we win, it will be £4,000! If you normally shop in this Tesco store, please vote for Minsthorpe in the New Year as your sons and daughters will benefit from this project.

Early Closure – Friday 22nd December 2017

Minsthorpe Community College

You will be aware from our texts earlier this term that on the final day of term the College will be closing at 12.20pm. We sent texts to inform parents with the intention of giving plenty of notice to enable suitable arrangements to be made.

Of course, this arrangement will not suit everyone and if you are unable to arrange suitable childcare, supervision will be arranged until 2:30pm for any students who cannot leave early.

If you would like to take advantage of this option, please contact the College directly to inform us that you require your child to remain in College until 2:30pm and we will make the necessary arrangements to ensure their safe supervision.

We have arranged for the buses to arrive at 12.20pm, however these will not return at 2:30pm for those who remain in College.

Arrangements for Snack Breaks

There will be food available at snack break one as normal.

There will be grab bags available for students eligible for a free school lunch and any other students wishing to purchase one. These must be ordered by the end of the College day on Thursday 21st December 2017.

Start of Term Arrangements – January 2018

College reopens to students and staff at 8:30am on Monday 8th January 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the College.

We have had a successful first term and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours faithfully,

Mr R Henshaw

Proposal to become a Teaching School

Minsthorpe Community College

Minsthorpe Community College wishes to become a teaching school. It will come as no surprise to you that I’m passionate about education, students’ learning, their achievements and the development of their character. My colleagues, parents and governors share that passion and we do everything that we reasonably can to work in partnership with others to improve the education of all of our young people. Becoming a teaching school will provide us with more capacity to do this – it will work in our favour.

Critically, the idea fits with our vision and values. It will also provide more opportunities for Minsthorpe’s teachers which, in turn, will directly benefit our students. It helps us to improve; to raise the standard of teaching in the school and expand the opportunities that we are able to offer for our students.

Like the teaching hospitals (from which this idea was born) teaching schools take a leading role in developing innovative practice and in developing the next generation of professionals by ensuring that they receive cutting edge professional development.

A teaching school must have a successful SCITT, which Minsthorpe already has in the form of the Yorkshire Three Counties Alliance. Through this we are able to find and train highly qualified graduates as teachers for our students rather than rely on the lottery of advertising for qualified teachers. We can immerse them in our culture in their formative early years as trainee teachers and then as newly and recently qualified teachers. Indeed, many of our teachers have been trained by the YTCA and a significant number of these staff are themselves former Minsthorpe students, so we are truly growing our own talent!

In becoming a teaching school it means we must know what works and hence engage in educational research to the benefit our students. It means we must identify, train, develop and coach the school leaders of the future so we must also have an excellent knowledge and experience of leadership, and possess excellent role models.

It means we must reach out to other schools and, by so doing, challenge our staff to develop their skills in training, coaching and mentoring staff in our partner schools. We will be expected to develop our staff at all levels, from teacher trainees to newly qualified teachers and from middle leaders to senior leaders. Of course, the skills and the understanding they gain will be invaluable for other staff (and the students) at Minsthorpe Community College.

All of this means that at Minsthorpe Community College there is a culture of ambition, reflection and evaluation. This has not come about because we are applying to become a teaching school. It is because it already existed here that we are applying for the status. However, if we gain it, this culture is enhanced and, in turn, this will enhance the education of our students and that of the students in our partner schools.

This letter is just for your information. We hope that you will support us in our plan and take pride in being served by a teaching school in the way that patients are proud to be treated by a teaching hospital. Linked below is an FAQ sheet that should answer all of the questions that you might have. However, if you have any individual questions or queries please direct them to or address them to me, care of the college.

Yours sincerely,

Mr R Henshaw

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William Patrick Memorial Tree

Just over a year ago we lost William. William was a very polite and well-mannered student, with an excellent attendance record. He was one of our most able students and made a positive contribution to all his lessons. He had a passion for learning, was supportive of his peers and happy to share his success in order to help others learn. All William’s teachers enjoyed having him in their class, as he was a pleasure to teach. He was a lovely lad and he touched the lives of everyone who met him. We miss him still.

When we asked the family to nominate a plant of significance for us to plant as a memorial to William the first suggestion was alarming – it was a Venus Flytrap! However, the fact that it would not cope with the conditions here in Oasis meant that the plant chosen was one that meant a great deal to William – the Lebanese Cedar tree – and staff and students gathered in The Oasis Memorial Garden on Friday December 1st to plant one as a tribute to William and to celebrate his life and to mark out a place where we can come to remember him and to think about him.

The cedar tree has been revered for its spiritual significance for thousands of years. Its wood was used for the doors of sacred temples and burned in cleansing ceremonies for purification. The tree was thought to house important gods and to be an entrance to higher spiritual realms. In Lebanon, cedar trees were used to make ships in ancient times and they enabled the Phoenicians to build up a great trading empire and even today, in modern day Lebanon, the cedar tree is associated with strength and longevity. The planting of a Lebanese cedar tree then is so very appropriate as it makes us think about the strength of William’s character and the lasting legacy that he has left on his friends, on his teachers and on his family. Classical writers in both Greece and Rome have used the tree as a sign of eternity and this tree will mean that William’s memory will live on in this college whether it be for the students who sit on his memorial bench or those who receive an annual award that we have created in his memory – The William Patrick Award for Character and Achievement.

William loved this college and was loved by this college so he will never leave us as he took part of us with him and left a part of himself here.

Ray Henshaw

William Patrick Memorial Event

Table Tennis

On Friday the 1st of December 2017 we will be holding a memorial event for William Patrick after College.

William enjoyed table tennis, and his close friends have suggested College hold a tournament in celebration of William’s life. This has been organised to take place in the New Sports Hall, starting at 2.30pm and ending at 3.30pm.

It is an open invite to all students in the College.

Students attending the event will need to bring trainers to change into.

If your child wishes to attend we just ask that you are available to support your child when they return from College following the 3.30pm finish. If you would prefer to collect your child you can pick them up from the Sports & Fitness Centre Car Park.

Refreshments will be provided during the event and staff will be available throughout the time for students to speak to.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Mr R Henshaw

Mrs J Collins
Assistant Principal

Map Out Your Future 2017

Map Out Your Future

On Thursday 16th November 2017, we will be holding our Annual Careers Fair, which your child will have the opportunity to visit during the day.

The event aims to offer our Year 10, 11 and Post 16 students the opportunity to meet with representatives from various occupational areas to gain an insight into the world of work. It is designed as a taster session, so that students can visit stalls to gain as much information as possible to support them with their future career choices.

The information provided on stalls include: entry into specific employment sectors, different training available and the typical work involved.

Students will also be able to speak to the College’s Guidance Advisor for any information/help they may require during their allocated time slot.

We would like to invite all parents and carers for students in Years 10, 11 and Post 16 to attend a special drop in session from 2.30pm – 3.00pm. This will give you an opportunity to meet the stall holders yourself and ask any questions you have regarding your child’s future plan.

If you are able to attend this drop in session, can you please contact the college by telephone leaving a message for the MAP Team to confirm your attendance.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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Map Out Your Future 2017 Poster Download File

Autumn Term Non-Uniform Day – Friday 17th November 2017

Bullying UK Logo

The Student Council has decided to hold a non-uniform day, in support of Anti-Bullying Week and causes chosen by the College Action Teams.

We are encouraging students to wear something blue on that day to support the national Wear Blue Day organised by Bullying UK.

The charge for all students attending College in non-uniform is £1.00.

We must stress the following:

  • No fancy dress
  • No hats for students in Key Stage 3 and 4
  • No extremes of fashion including clothing which has slogans/offensive writing or innuendo
  • No excessively high heels
  • No jewellery other than simple stud earrings

Thank you once again for assisting your child and the College in supporting such worthy causes.

Mr D Lloyd
(Associate Assistant Principal)
On behalf of the College and the Student Council

Operation Christmas Child 2017

Operation Christmas Child

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are no doubt aware Christmas is fast approaching and every year the RE Department work with our Year 7 students and get involved with the charity Samaritan’s Purse.

Each year students are involved in putting together shoe boxes full of small toys and gifts for less fortunate children. Students bring in toys they no longer play with, some even spend their pocket money on small gifts such as colouring pencils, hair bobbles or even sweets! They then wrap a shoe box in Christmas paper and place the toys inside, the boxes are then collected by the charity Samaritan’s Purse and they are distributed in time for Christmas.

Our Year 7 students will partake in this activity during their last RE lesson before October half term and as always we need your help! Anything that you might have that we could use would be gratefully received, toys, colouring items or even shoe boxes! If you do have anything we could use if you could place it in a carrier bag with your child’s name and P&A group on and get your child to take it to their RE teacher who will then make sure it is available to your child on the day of their lesson. In previous years we have produced around 100 boxes and it would be fantastic if we could produce the same this year.

Thank you in advance of your support,

K Jackson & N Madarasz
SMSC Department