Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practicals

  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 01
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 02
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 03
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 04
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 05
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 06
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 07
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 08
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 09
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 10
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 11
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 12
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 13
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 14
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 15
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 16
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 17
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 18
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 19
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 20
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 21
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 22
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 23
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 24
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 25
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 26
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 27
  • Year 11 Hospitality and Catering Assessed Practical Image 28


Well done to all Year 11 Hospitality and Catering students in their assessed practicals and a huge thank you for the support of parents and carers in the providing of ingredients.

Mrs Wainwright and Mrs Wood are extremely proud of the talent shown.

Parent Governors

Minsthorpe Community College

College are looking to recruit two Parent Governors and it was lovely to see so many parents interested in becoming a Governor at the Year 8 Preferencing Evening. The role of Parent Governor is offered to the whole parent body. If you would like to know more about this important role, please see the information below or contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Germain, on

The deadline for expressing an interest is Friday 15th March 2019, at 9am and this can be registered by emailing Mrs Germain or completing a form in College Reception. We look forward to hearing from you.

Resource Download
Parent Governors Flyer Download File

Important Information About eSafety Announcement

Minsthorpe Community College

You may be aware that the media is reporting stories currently about young people being targeted on social media. While these stories are not nice to read, much of what is being reported is historical, and the media is using that to raise the profile of the story.

Below is an advice sheet, and we ask parents that they encourage their children not to talk about it. If they are targeted, follow our normal eSafety advice and save the conversations as evidence and report to the police by dialling 101.

Resource Download
Advice Sheet Download File

Confiscation Of Jewellery, Mobile Phones And Other Electronic Devices

Minsthorpe Community College

You will be aware from our College Code of Conduct of the following expectations in terms of jewellery, mobile phones and other electronic devices:

"Watches are permitted. Students may wear a watch and one small silver, gold or diamante coloured stud earring worn in each earlobe. All other items of jewellery will be confiscated and can be collected from the Finance Office at the end of the College day."

"Mobile phones, MP3 players, iPods or any other electronic equipment are not allowed to be used in College. We are not insured for loss or damage to valuable personal items. Usage will result in confiscation.

As soon as students come on site, mobile phones must be switched off and put away."

As stated in the Student Planner, "They (mobile phones) may be used to support learning during lessons only with staff permission."

We are pleased that the vast majority of students meet their responsibilities and ‘Behave the Minsthorpe Way’ day in and day out.

Unfortunately, a small number of students choose not to meet these clear responsibilities on repeated occasions. For this reason, we would like to make you aware of the following changes, which will take effect after the February half term holiday:

  • The first occasion when a student’s jewellery/mobile phone is confiscated, it will be kept securely in the Finance Office and may be collected by the student at the end of the day. Students will be expected to show their planner as identification.
  • The second (or future) occasion when a student’s jewellery/mobile phone is confiscated, it will be taken to the Finance Office and must be collected by a parent/carer (who needs to be a contact on our records – in order to protect your child’s item. A text will be sent to alert you.

Students will be made aware of this change for repeat offenders in assembly this week. I thank you in anticipation of your support and ask that you discuss the importance of ‘Behaving the Minsthorpe Way’ with your child.

Yours sincerely

R. Henshaw

Minsthorpe Achieves Quality Standard For Careers Programme

The Quality in Careers Standard

Minsthorpe has been recognised for its outstanding careers programme this week. The college has been awarded the prestigious National Careers Quality Standard.

The Quality in Careers Standard is awarded to schools who can demonstrate the importance that they place on their Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme.

The college went through an examination of extensive evidence that was provided by the Careers Leader and other key staff, an assessment visit was also undertaken where Mrs Ellis (C & K Careers) interviewed some of the schools staff, students and a parent.

The National Careers strategy strongly recommends schools work towards the Quality in Careers Standard and Minsthorpe have done this whilst working towards the 8 Gatsby benchmarks, from our assessment we showed that we currently fully meet 6 of the Benchmarks and are well on our way to achieve all 8.

Mrs Ellis commented in her conclusion: "Minsthorpe Community College has a strategic approach to CEIAG and it is very evident that it is embedded throughout college, it is prioritised and a whole college approach is fostered."

The assessment process highlighted these particular strengths of the school’s CEIAG provision:

  • Leadership and management are strong with excellent support and strategic overview. The Career Leader is to be commended on his strategies particularly to pull together tracking of CEIAG interventions and NEET.
  • The Careers Strategic Plan provides a very clear overview and is effectively used to review and evaluate provision.
  • The involvement of the link CEIAG Governor is excellent.
  • The website is very comprehensive and includes detailed evaluation and feedback analysis which includes NEET figures and destinations data, student feedback on options, mock interviews and post 16 student feedback.
  • The relationship with the external Careers Adviser is good and the CEIAG delivered throughout college is impartial.
  • Employer engagement is strong with a wide range of opportunities for pupils to have meaningful encounters with employers.
  • STEM activity is very good with a range of activities to raise aspirations and awareness.
  • The college is very good at meeting the needs of all students through the taught programme and well-timed quality interventions with pupils. Excellent tracking enables gaps to be identified and acted on.
  • The college fully meets 6 of the 8 benchmarks and is well on the way to meeting the remaining 2 benchmarks.

"I am delighted that Minsthorpe has received this award" said the proud Principal, Ray Henshaw. "We are among the first schools in the country to be granted the new Standard and it reflects how important we believe careers education to be at the College. CEIAG is placed at the heart of all we do because our mission is to give high quality advice to our young people so that they can make informed choices that will enable them to progress and make a success of their lives."

Online Safety Advice For Parents

Online Safety Advice For Parents

The College wants to stress the necessity for parents to be extra vigilant in relation to online safety and ensure that your child is safe online.

Unfortunately, we are seeing an increase in young people being targeted by sexual predators online – predators who request images and videos of an explicit nature. This then inevitably leads to blackmail and the potential grooming of your child. Please stress to your child that it is not normal for a complete stranger to ask them for indecent images and that it is incredibly hard to undo the damage that will result if they respond and send such images to anybody – whether they are strangers or known to them. As a community we have to show empathy for the victims of such crimes but the important thing is for young people not to become victims in the first place.

If the College becomes aware of such an incident you will be informed alongside a report made to the police. Significant emotional harm is caused to the young person involved and we need to ensure that you as parents are able to reduce the risks to your child.

Please ensure that you are monitoring the activity of your child via the internet and mobile phone – for example delete any contacts on social media who are not known to you or your child. Many young people have accepted friend requests from people they have never had contact with in the real world. Please speak about this with your child and reinforce the online safety messages given regularly in College.

Equally remind your child that if they receive any inappropriate images they must report it to the police or CEOP, and ensure that they do not share this with anyone else or risk prosecution themselves. If they receive such images please remind them that, if they share them, they are further hurting people who have been hurt enough already and that they need to see these victims as people and not as images.

The College website includes many useful guides and documents that will support you in setting up privacy functions as well as links to key organisations that can help.

West Yorkshire Police also offer this advice to parents:

Surfing the internet can be an educational and fun family activity. Here’s a few tips for safer use of the internet:

  • Check the advice on the Get Safe Online website.
  • Check the advice on our Online Guides Pages.
  • Place the computer in a central area of your home where you can monitor it frequently. Get your children used to involvement early. Ask what they’re looking at and finding, or who they’re visiting.
  • Establish age-appropriate ground rules, including time limits, acceptable areas to access and reasonable penalties – such as denying internet access – if the rules are broken.
  • Use blocking and filtering programs available as software or online. They will enable you to monitor or limit your children’s net access. Ask your Internet Service Provider for advice, and see below for details about the Internet Watch Foundation.
  • Warn your children frequently about the dangers of the internet, just as you warn them about the dangers of drugs, talking to strangers etc.
  • Explain the importance of keeping personal information a secret – real names, home address, phone number, sports clubs etc.
  • Tell your children never to respond to an angry, obscene or threatening message. Remind them to call you or another trusted adult if they come across something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Let them know that its not their fault if they receive bad messages.
  • Be on the alert for signs of trouble:
    • Overuse of the computer, especially at night.
    • Bad or explicit language – your child learned it from somewhere, perhaps online.
    • Obsession with violent fantasy games.
    • Unexplained long distance numbers on your phone bill. Your child could be in contact with a stranger.
  • Online friends; if you child makes online friends with another local child and asks if they can meet in person, first talk to the child’s parents. Set up a meeting with the other child and parent, make it at a public place and accompany your child.
  • Report inappropriate online activities. Contact the police immediately if an adult (or a person you suspect to be posing as an adult) tries to set up a meeting with your child. This could be a very dangerous situation.
  • Child Pornography. Report any online child pornography to your Internet Service Provider and to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). The IWF is funded by Internet service providers and takes reports from the public about child and grossly indecent adult pornography. They pass on information to the police about sites where criminal offences are taking place. Their website is
  • Worried parents can also contact the IWF website for advice about how to set up "net nannies" to ensure their children aren’t viewing unsuitable sites.
  • Thinuknow have a resource – Play Like Share This three-episode animated series and accompanying resource pack aims to help eight to ten year olds learn how to stay safe from sexual abuse, exploitation and other risks they might encounter online such as sharing content.

Protect yourself and your equipment, purchase or download good virus protection software to safeguard your computer. Choose a password with a minimum of six characters – short passwords are easy for hackers to crack.

Further Information:
Offensive Posts On Social Media
How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

50 Years Of Minsthorpe


In February 1969 Minsthorpe Community College was officially opened by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

To celebrate this 50 year anniversary we are hosting a series of special events involving students, parents, staff and the community.

These include:

William Shakespeare

English: Minsthorpe Shakespeariance (A Mid-summer Nights’ Dream)


D&T and Creative: 50 Years Celebration Event (Photography Work, Choir, Drama, Pianist, Hospitality & Catering Providing Retro Refreshments)

Test Tubes

Science: 50 Years of Scientific Discovery during British Science Week

NSPCC Number Day

Maths: NSPCC Number Day


PE: Aerial Photo of Students on Sports Day

National Careers Week

Minsthorpe Access Point: National Careers Week (Minsthorpe Students and their Careers)

Apple Macintosh

CDM: ICT over 50 years

Minsthorpe From The Air

SMSC and Parent Voice: Memories of Minsthorpe


SocVoc: Medical Changes over 50 Years


MFL: Bon Anniversaire Minsthorpe

Time Capsule

History: Time Capsule

Man With Magnifying Glass

Year 6: Minsthorpe Investigates

College has set up a Facebook page and invite the community to share memories of their time at Minsthorpe. There will also be a pin board and cards in College Reception and at Parents’ Evenings to enable messages to be written and shared.

Student assemblies will celebrate the 50 year theme and all students and staff will receive a commemorative pen.

Happy 50th Birthday Minsthorpe!

The National School Breakfast Programme

Family Action/Magic Breakfast

Our school has joined the government’s National School Breakfast Programme (NSBP), which is being delivered by the charities Family Action and Magic Breakfast.

As a NSBP School we are pleased to offer a healthy school breakfast, available to all, and enjoy the benefits that brings, with children settled and ready to learn at the start of the day.

This service will be available from Monday 21st January 2019 in the Key Stage 3 dining area 8.00am – 8.30am. Bagels and cereals will be available in the first instance.

Letter From The Chair Of Governors

Minsthorpe Community College

Dear Parents,

As Chair of Governors it is my duty to inform you of some changes taking place over the next few months here at Minsthorpe Community College.

Our Principal, Mr Ray Henshaw, will be taking early retirement from April this year. This is a selfless act on his part and has been brought on by the financial cut backs the College has had to undertake this year.

Ray has worked tirelessly over the past five years to lead the College, staff and students, and recognised very early last year that a restructure of senior leaders was necessary, his own position being the first of these cuts.

In order to continue our success, and so as not to disrupt the excellent teaching and learning of the College, Governors have agreed unanimously to the two Vice Principals of the College, Mrs Rachael Merritt and Mr Mark Gilmore, to become Joint Principals.

Both have a wealth of leadership experience at Minsthorpe, they know staff and students at the College, and are both an integral part of all aspects of College life. Their move to Joint Principal at Minsthorpe will see little or no disruption to the running of the College, and their experience within College life will mean that the transition will be smooth.

The decision for Mr Henshaw to retire was a difficult one for him to make but Governors and the College are appreciative of his decision and his meticulous planning for the successful future of Minsthorpe Community College.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Beverley Semper Chair of Governors

Farewell Minsthorpe

Minsthorpe Community College

I am sad to say that at a full staff meeting held on Monday January 7th I announced my retirement from Minsthorpe in April 2019.

Minsthorpe Community College – like all schools – is facing an unprecedented financial crisis and has to make dramatic cuts in order to guarantee its future survival. As the highest paid teacher at the College I have decided to take early retirement so that my salary can be saved. The Governors have agreed to an exciting succession plan that will see my two Vice Principals, Rachael Merritt and Mark Gilmore, step up to become the new Joint Principals of the College. This move will save money but, more importantly, it will mean that there will be no loss of energy or momentum as both of these leaders have been crucial players in the success story of the College and will hit the ground running after Easter in order to continue to lead the College forward on its exciting and transformational journey.

From the moment I joined Minsthorpe in January 2014 I knew that this would be my last job as a school leader – simply because any other school would suffer by comparison. Leading this College has been an honour and a privilege and I am desperately sad to be leaving. The leadership team is the best I have ever worked with in my 36 years as a teacher and its staff the most dedicated and hard working group of people who care passionately about giving the students every opportunity to make a success of their lives. I will miss the students a great deal – their humour, their bluntness, their energy and their determination to be all that they can be has inspired me on a daily basis.

For me, the last five years have been proof of the adage that if you are in a job that you love then you will not do a day’s work in your life! Every day has been exciting and energising and it has been an absolute pleasure for me.

It has been said that you never truly leave a place that you love as you leave something of yourself behind and take something of the place away with you. This is so true! My whole career has been leading me to Minsthorpe and, for me it has been a source of enormous pride that I was chosen to lead this College and I will look back at my time here with a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction.

Ray Henshaw