UK Bebras Competition At Minsthorpe Community College

Millie and Sally with their Bebras certificates

During November 2018, the Computer Science department at Minsthorpe Community College took part in an international competition called "Bebras". The competition was run with over 500 students in Years 7 & 8. All students who took part will receive certificates for ‘Participation’, ‘Distinction’ and ‘Best in the School’. A special mention goes to Millie and Sally who both achieved results in the top 10% of the country. These students are now eligible for entry into the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge. This will take place in March 2019. If successful, both girls will be invited to Oxford University.

Mr Mallinson (Head of Computer Science) said "This was a great way to promote more students, especially girls, into the computer science industry. The tasks were delivered online and were fun, engaging and based on problems that computer scientists often meet and enjoy solving. With curriculum content becoming more challenging, this was an exciting opportunity for students to put their logical and computational thinking skills to great effect."