Y6 Transition – Frequently Asked Questions 2021

Q: Will I get to visit Minsthorpe before I start in September?

A: Yes. We are holding an Induction week where you will have the chance to have a full day at with us with your class. You will receive a letter in due course with all the information you will need for the day.

Please see below the dates of your Induction Day:

Monday 28th June South Kirkby Academy
St Joseph’s
Tuesday 29th June Upton
Wednesday 30th June Ash Grove
Out of area schools
Thursday 1st July Moorthorpe
Friday 2nd July Carlton J&I
Hooton Pagnall All Saints

Q: What time will I start and finish?
A: You will start at 8.45am and go straight to your first lesson. Year 7 will finish school at 2.25pm and then you will either go home or stay to join in one of our brilliant after school clubs. After school clubs finish at 3.30pm.

Q: Minsthorpe Community College is so much bigger than my primary school. What happens if I get lost?
A: This is a very common question and many of you will be worried about this. We will make sure you are familiar with all the different blocks around site by giving you a tour, you will be given a map which you can use and you can always ask staff and other students to help. If you get really stuck, you can head to student reception at the Hub and the staff there will help you.

Q: What will happen if I lose my bag or equipment?
A: All lost property is sent to student reception at the Hub so that would be a good place to check. You could also retrace your steps and check with your teachers. Your teachers will be able to lend you a pen or pencil for your lesson but you must try to be responsible for your own equipment.

Q: What is a P&A group and when do I find out which one I have?
A: P&A stands for progress and achievement. This is a group you will be placed into with up to 30 others. You will have a P&A mentor who you will see through the year at key points. You have some of your lessons in your P&A group but most of them will be in mixed up groups. We will use the friendship group information from your primary schools to help us pick the P&A groups. We usually let your primary schools know the P&A groups before the summer holidays.

Q: How much homework will I get a week?
A: We call it Home Learning at Minsthorpe and it is a great opportunity for you to learn outside the classroom. All our Home Learning is set on an app we use called Satchel:One. You will given your log on details and be shown how to use the app when you start in September. Expect to be set Home Learning regularly, weekly or fortnightly in your core subjects, English, Maths and Science. You might be set Home Learning in your other subjects to prepare for a test or you might be set Home Learning as part of a project over a half term. We have Home Learning support sessions on after school to help you with completing your work.

Q: Can I bring a water bottle to school?
A: You can bring a water bottle to College but you will only be allowed to fill them up at snack break from the canteen. You will not have access to a sink in all your classrooms for drinking water like you do at primary school.

Q: How long are lunch and break times?
A: You have two snack breaks each day. Snack break 1, is a 10 minute break in the morning and you stay in your Period 1 classroom. Snack break 2 is 30 minutes long and more like your dinner time you have at primary school. Y7 will have your own canteen and social areas.

Q: How many lessons will I have every day?
A: You will have 3 lessons per day which will be 1 hour 40 minutes long. Your timetable will be spread over 2 weeks – week A and week B.