Year 7 Home Learning

Minsthorpe Community College

Dear Year 7 Parents/Carers,

We have been incredibly proud of how the majority of Year 7 students have started their secondary school career. They have settled into life at Minsthorpe Community College and are making good progress which is very pleasing.

It is important that students get into good habits and routines with regard to Home Learning. This develops a strong approach to independent learning that will improve their preparation for key examinations in future years. We feel that a new approach to how we monitor, reward and sanction students across all subjects is the best way in which we can support their progress.

We feel that students who consistently meet deadlines and submit home learning to an acceptable standard deserve rewarding. This consistency will be celebrated each half term in a rewards assembly with certificates and prize draws.

If Year 7 students fail to meet home learning deadlines they will be followed up consistently by College. This will be recorded and the student spoken to by the CCTL when two deadlines are missed. The aim is to implement support at this stage to ensure that students miss no further home learning deadlines. If a student fails to meet three deadlines across all subjects then a two hour detention will be set in which they will be expected to complete missed work.

Meeting deadlines is a key life skill students must develop therefore, except in exceptional circumstances such as absence, there will no longer be leeway on this.

How can you help your child?

  • Encourage them to record home learning tasks and deadlines in their planner as directed by their teacher
  • Regularly talk with your child and check their planner to identify the tasks and deadlines
  • Create an environment, free from distraction, for your child to complete home learning tasks
  • Encourage your child to access the after College home learning support in Curriculum Areas

Further information regarding home learning set by curriculum areas can be found in the ‘Year 7 Home Learning Information’ booklet on the College website.

If you wish to discuss this further, then please do not hesitate to contact the College. Thank you for your continued support with this important aspect of school life.

Yours sincerely

Mr P Williams
CTL Science

Mrs E Patton
CCTL Year 7