Additional CCTV Cameras – Be Safe Feel Safe

Minsthorpe Community College

As many of you are aware, we have installed additional CCTV cameras across the College site. Student safety is an important priority for us at Minsthorpe Community College and having cameras in key locations allows us to reduce anti-social behaviour, particularly at social times. Whilst the vast majority of students behave well and show respect for each other and our environment, we want all students to ‘Be Safe Feel Safe’ at all times.

Parents and students have expressed concerns that the additional CCTV cameras are located in student toilets. We have of course considered students’ privacy and you can be assured that the cameras are only focused in the public areas of the student toilets and not in the cubicles.

We use the camera footage in College when we have occasional incidents of criminal damage, bullying or other anti-social behaviour. The images are viewed by College staff and, if necessary, the Governing Body and the police. Footage needed as evidence of poor behaviour is safely stored according to GDPR guidance. Other footage is deleted after 28 days.

We have liaised with West Yorkshire Police regarding the installation of the new CCTV cameras. Police officers have visited the site and have confirmed that the positioning of the cameras is lawful. The new cameras will be in operation from September and we will put up signs indicating when cameras are operational. We had not expected the cameras to be installed until the summer holidays and we apologise for any concern caused by their earlier than expected installation.

We thank you for your ongoing support in safeguarding our students.

Yours sincerely

Mrs R Merritt

Mr M Gilmore