Game Review: Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

This week’s review is of the new first person survival horror created by Creative Assembly and publish by SEGA. The game is based between the events of the film ‘Alien’ and within the game you play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the film protagonist Ellen Ripley who is tasked with searching the Nostromo which is from the original film for the ship’s flight recorder to discover what happened to the crew.

The game’s design and its looks are made to be very reminiscent of the Alien film series with 80’s designed look of futuristic technology and the use of old film effects in the game being used should instantly remind any fan of the film series of the atmosphere of the space station and make it feel more involved in the film’s story. The game also sets up the right atmosphere with its music and sound cleverly used to help make the situation eerie or tense.

The main gameplay works out as you moving around the ship to get to your given objective but along the way you will meet many of the lethal enemies who are determined to kill you. But above them all stands the Xenomorph or Alien as it’s commonly known by others, the Alien stand out as your main threat as it can move around the environment with ease and with heightened sense it can pick you out from the surrounding for the smallest of errors. However, you should be careful of the looters and androids which have be tampered with to become violent towards humans but luckily those foes are more predictable and are able to be taken on face to face. But you’re not stuck with just your wits and feet to move around on as the game has a crafting system allowing you to gather items and create tools to help improve your chances of survival.

The game acts as a perfect story for the fans of the Alien series and the game has good bulk of content lasting up to 15 hours making it great value for money with its content as single player not the only game. It also includes the addition of survival mode which allows you to jump straight in the Alien controlled area of the ship to test your survival skill and stealth. The only down side to Alien isolation is its lack of replayabilty due there being no big choice in game but there is DLC planned to give player a reason to revisit the game when finished. Overall I believe Alien Isolation deserves a solid 7.9/10

Samuel Whittaker