Game Review: SCP Containment Breach

SCP Containment Breach

This week’s review is of the indie horror game SCP Containment Breach which first appeared in April 2012 and has been available since for free, even up to now where the game still receives updates adding additional content to game and fixing issues.

The main story of the game is based around the creepy pasta story of the SCP foundation which is meant to be an organisation that takes the weird and possible life threatening objects and creatures which shouldn’t be allowed into the open world. In the game you play as a Class D member who is used by the foundation to interact with ‘SCPs’ (Objects or creature with mysterious abilities which the facility tests) to try and understand them, but on what would usually be a normal check-up on SCP-173 turns into a disaster and the creature escapes along with many of the other locked away creatures which start to move around the underground facility. You are set with the task of escaping the facility alive while trying to recapture some of the more dangerous SCPs so that they don’t reach the surface, although that’s optional.

The game runs on a randomised map generator which makes it very unlikely you’ll play the same map twice though some rooms are pre-set so that story can play out properly. The main objective in-game and key to survival is management of your items, as some items are needed more than others but you also need to pay attention to your eye status as over time your eyes will dry out and you will need to blink which is vital to remember when you come across SCP-173 as it only moves when you aren’t observing it. But you can use your space bar to manual blink and refill your eye status meter which can be used tactually when near certain SCPs such as SCP-096 which you should never look at. The game has many SCPs for you to encounter with some being helpful items with effects while other may straight out kill you.

However the further you move into underground foundation the more you will learn about the SCPs and how to cope with them as the facility documents them. Also, as you move deeper, the game will become more hostile as the story progresses with two of the main SCPs aiming to find you and kill you. But even if you make it towards the end of the game you have to beware of the Nine Tail fox group who are trained, armed guards tasked with securing the facility and killing any personnel found within the facility so they don’t escape but don’t believe the SCPs will get them as they are trained on how to handle and avoid each one if they should encounter them.

Overall the game has a good wealth of content especially considering how the game is free but it has a level of difficulty that usually forces players to use its save ability in order to finish it, but if you can take the challenge the game also has a mode with no saving allowed to test real horror game players who want to test their skill. The negatives to this game are mainly due to its graphical quality but that’s down to its limited budget which it’s made on along with the odd bug in the game which may cause your character to fall through the floor, but that can be fixed by just loading the game again or using the console command for no clip. Recent updates to the game help fix bugs and add content which gives many users a reason to return to the game to play again if not for a good scare. Overall I would give SCP Containment Breach a solid 7/10.

Samuel Whittaker