Minsthorpe Sports – It’s in the game!

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Last weekend was such a weekend for sports – Wimbledon, the Grand Depart, World Cup quarter finals and the F1 in Silverstone. However, as great as these sporting events were, they came a poor second to the Minsthorpe Sports Day held on Friday June 4th. Nothing in my long teaching career had prepared me for such a spectacle – indeed the title ‘Sports Day’ is too small to describe such an epic event.

Students took part in a whole variety of physical activities that included running, synchronised dancing, it’s a knockout, tug of war, darts, tennis and rounders. But it was the afternoon that blew me away. From a vantage point overlooking the sports field I was treated to the amazing sight of staff and students in full fancy dress standing behind banners and flags looking almost like a huge medieval army! This was more that just sport – it epitomised the incredible collaborative relationship that exists between the staff and students at Minsthorpe and the day was one of pure enjoyment.

However, it was also a learning opportunity. We take sport seriously at Minsthorpe. Through it students learn the value of effort, teamwork, motivation and belief. For us sport is a metaphor for education. Every student here believes that they will improve at any sport if they train, practice and persevere. At Minsthorpe we tell them that exactly the same is true when it comes to education.

Ray Henshaw