Talk, talk!

It's Good To Talk

Poor language is linked to poor behaviour even in very young children. 2 in 3 language delayed 3 year olds have behaviour problems. There is strong research evidence available to us that indicates that the quality of classroom talk has a measurable impact on standards of attainment in English, Mathematics and Science. We have known for a long time that talk is essential to children’s thinking and learning, and to their productive engagement in classroom life, especially in the early and primary years. We now have additional evidence, from over 20 major international studies, that high quality classroom talk raises standards in the core subjects as typically measured in national and international tests.

Good communication is the gateway to learning, friendships, academic achievement and success at work and that is why this will become a priority at Minsthorpe as part of our drive towards becoming an outstanding college. So, as the advert says, "It’s good to talk." Over the summer holidays, it is vital that we all remember this and keep young people talking. Attached are some web links designed for parents to help you keep the conversation flowing. This is a life skill that has a huge impact on a young person’s ability to learn so it is vital that no opportunity for a discussion is missed. As Winston Churchill said "To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war".

People who can talk are less likely to solve problems with their fists, so spend the summer talking!

Ray Henshaw

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