Mock Exam Results Day

Recently all Year 11 students sat their mock examinations and will receive their results on Monday 24th February 2014. Mock Exams are a simulation exercise. While they give our candidates the opportunity to develop effective revision strategies and practise exam techniques, they help our teachers identify gaps in their students’ knowledge and understanding and plan for improvement. These mock exam papers are marked thoroughly against the mark schemes provided by the examination boards and feedback is provided to our pupils to guide further learning and accelerate their progress.

Mock Examination Results Day is new this year but it will become a key event in our school calendar. It is intended to replicate the experience our candidates will have when they collect their real GCSE results in August. However, we will include a special assembly which provides an opportunity for all to reflect on the experience, celebrate some of the collective and individual endeavours, motivate and encourage, inspire and challenge all in the year group to achieve more. Our year on year data shows that on average, pupils in Year 11 can (and do) improve their mock grades in the last five months of their courses by between half of or a whole GCSE grade, some by even more. It is vital that students use the Mock Results Day as a learning opportunity. GCSE is a marathon, not a sprint, and there is still time for your son or daughter to exceed their target grades by learning from this experience.

We want to see tears of happiness and joy on the actual GCSE results day in August, not tears of disappointment reflecting wasted opportunities. Remind your children of the MCC student motto: Always believe that you can achieve!

Ray Henshaw